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Ron Horii's Slideshow on Santa Teresa Park (56MB)

Geocaching in Santa Teresa Park

Santa Teresa Park Wildflowers, Spring 2002

Dedication of the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch 6/29/02

Tour of Rancho Santa Teresa 3/8/03

Founders Day Fandango 11/18/06

Ranch Spirit Day 8/25/07

Mine, Fortini, Stile Ranch Wildflowers, 4/11/08

Bernal Hill wildflowers and views, Feb-Apr. '08 Part 1, Part 2

Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge Wildflowers 2008

Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Stile, 5/4/08

Family Fandango 2008, volunteers & exhibitors

Outdoor Photography Class/Wildflower Walk, Bernal Ranch/Hill 4/4/09

Geocaching Class, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 4/11/09

Pre-Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 5/3/09

Healthy Trails Hike, Fortini, Mine, Stile Ranch Trails, 5/9/09

Family Fandango 2009

Ghost Tour of Santa Teresa and New Almaden 10/25/09

Santa Teresa Park HDR Sunset Pictures, Pueblo Area, 2/7/10

Pre-Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 5/2/10

Santa Teresa Park Sunset Pictures, 5/21, 5/27/10

Family Fandango, 8/21/10

Outdoor Photography Class, Bernal Ranch, 10/2/10

Spider Night at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch, 10/30/10

REI/Bay Area Ridge Trail Work Day, Stile Ranch Trail, 11/6/10

Stile Ranch Trail Sunset, 1/29/11

Sun, Clouds, Rainbows, Pueblo Area, Ridge Trail, 1/30/11

Santa Teresa Library's First Birthday Celebration

February 5, 2011

On February 5, 2011, the Santa Teresa Branch Library celebrated its first birthday. It celebrated its grand opening on February 6, 2010. Members of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park, Mike Boulland and Maureen Kluska, worked with library Branch Manager Ruth Barefoot and library staff members to organize the celebration. The Santa Teresa Library traces its name to Rancho Santa Teresa, the historic ranch founded by Jose Joaquin Bernal in pre-Gold Rush California. A small part of the original ranchland is preserved in nearby Santa Teresa County Park and its Santa Teresa Historic Area. Many of the displays and presentations talked about Santa Teresa Park, activities in the park, and its history.

Members of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park (FOSTP) setup displays on Santa Teresa Park.

Justice Paul Bernal, whose ancestors founded the Rancho Santa Teresa in the 1800's, sets up his displays of historic artifacts and pictures. He had clothing for kids to dress up as Spanish soldiers from the early rancho days. Rancho Santa Teresa originally covered nearly 10,000 acres and included the Santa Teresa Hills and the land under the library.

Sam Drake sets up his table on geocaching, a popular outdoor activity.

FOSTP members Kitty Monahan (left) and Maureen Kluska (right) arrange the displays, which includes a model of the original Bernal Ranch of the 1800's. In the back are posters with pictures by Ron Horii of activities and scenery at Santa Teresa County Park.

Members of the Friends of the Santa Teresa Library welcome new members along with library mascot, Conroy Cougar.

Visitors meet Conroy Cougar.

In the Community Room, Kitty Monahan visits the Santa Clara County Park rangers, who setup a display and pass out literature on the County Parks, including Santa Teresa Park.

FOSTP President Mike Boulland shows the displays on Rancho Santa Teresa to Conroy Cougar with librarians Carole Chisvin and Lucia Farnham-Hudson in the background.

Quilts by the Quilters of Southside Community Center

Paul Bernal shows off his rancho artifacts.

Mike Boulland points out a model of the bull and bear fights that were held at Rancho Santa Teresa in the early rancho days.

Pictures of the old Santa Teresa library (see below).

Paul Bernal helps a young Spanish soldier get dressed.

The Quilters display their crafts, while the Dazzling Divas prepare to perform in the Community Room.

The Dazzling Divas put on a tap-dancing performance.

Nature crafts in the children's area.

District 2 Councilmember Ash Kalra talks to one of the librarian Rachel Collier.

Marcus Gemellos from A New Twist holds the attention of kids and parents alike with his balloon sculpture.

Conroy Cougar sketches caricatures of the kids.

Historic aerial picture, taken 6/13/68, of the Santa Teresa Area, showing the location of Santa Teresa Library.  At the bottom are the ranches that make up the current site of the Santa Teresa Park Historic Area.

Library manager Ruth Barefoot (right) talks to recuperating library customer Dawn.

Carol Stuart, library volunteer, reads to children.

Illustrator Jennifer Morillo and author Matt Beasley of children's book Birds of a Different Feather, speak with Lucia Farnham-Hudson.

Sam Drake shows his panoramic picture of the Bay Area from Santa Teresa Park's Bernal Hill.

Maureen Kluska shows historic artifacts.

Author Mike Boulland and illustrator Kate Tyler tell stories of legends and ghosts at Santa Teresa Park.

Sam Drake gives a slideshow presentation and demonstration on geocaching. Geocaching is like a high-tech treasure hunt, which uses GPS receivers to find hidden caches.

The Santa Teresa area and Santa Teresa Park contain dozens of geocaches. There is one at the Santa Teresa Library. After his presentation, Sam leads a group outdoors to search for it.

At the FOSTP table (from left): Maureen Kluska, Mike Boulland, Ed Jackson, Kitty Monahan, and Elaine Drake.

After giving a slideshow presentation on Santa Teresa Park (see links), Ron Horii (left), joins the FOSTP table.

The Tenor Band played old-time favorite dance music.

Santa Teresa Library Grand Opening 2/6/10

On Feb. 6, 2010, the Santa Teresa Library re-opened after it was torn down and rebuilt.

San Jose mayor Chuck Reed, Assemblyman Jim Beall, Library Commissioner Tony Nguyen, District 2 Councilmember Ash Kalra, Library Foundation President Terry Austin, and former District 2 Councilmember Forrest Williams at the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony.

Old Santa Teresa Library

The pictures below are of the old Santa Teresa Library, taken by Lorraine Osaki-Horii in 1983-1984.

The old Santa Teresa Library under construction, June 1983.

The old library in December of 1983.

The old Santa Teresa Library, on 10/18/84, a month before it opened.

Inside the children's section of the newly-opened library on November 18, 1984.

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