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Santa Teresa Past Events

Dedication of the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch

Tour of Rancho Santa Teresa 3/8/03

Founders Day Fandango 2006

Ranch Spirit Day 2007

Family Fandango 2008
, volunteers & exhibitors

Family Fandango 2009

Hellyer Festival in the Park, 6/26/10

Family Fandango, 8/21/10

Santa Teresa Park Pictures

Santa Teresa Park Wildflowers, Spring 2002

Mine, Fortini, Stile Ranch Wildflowers, 4/11/08

Bernal Hill wildflowers and views, Feb-Apr. '08 Part 1, Part 2

Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge Wildflowers 2008

Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Stile, 5/4/08

Outdoor Photography Class/Wildflower Walk, Bernal Ranch/Hill 4/4/09

Geocaching Class, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 4/11/09

Pre-Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 5/3/09

Healthy Trails Hike, Fortini, Mine, Stile Ranch Trails, 5/9/09

Ghost Tour of Santa Teresa and New Almaden 10/25/09

Santa Teresa Park HDR Sunset Pictures, Pueblo Area, 2/7/10

Pre-Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 5/2/10

Santa Teresa Park Sunset Pictures, 5/21, 5/27/10

Outdoor Photography Class, Bernal Ranch, 10/2/10

Santa Teresa Community Fest

September 18, 2010


Here are pictures from the Santa Teresa Community Fest of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park's (FOSTP) booth and our next-door neighbors, the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority (SCCOSA), and the Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association (STFNA). A short distance away was the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department's (SCCPRD) booth.

Friends of Santa Teresa Park

FOSTP president Mike Boulland and member Ed Jackson help set up the FOSTP booth.

The south side of the FOSTP booth.

Ed Jackson and Sam Drake inspect the booth.

The east side of the FOSTP booth.

The northeast side of the FOSTP booth with a beanbag toss game.

On the left is a model of a bull-and-bear fight. In the center is a model of the adobes at Rancho Santa Teresa. Both were made by students in Mike Boulland's fourth grade class at Baldwin School when he was a teacher there. The posters have pictures of Santa Teresa Park and were made by Ron Horii.

Sam greets Santa Clara County Parks ranger Aniko Millan.

Sam points out Santa Teresa Park on the map.

Sam hands a toy prize to a little girl who played the beanbag toss game.

Kitty Monahan talks about the historic Bernal Ranch.

Mike Boulland hands out beanbags for the game.

Garnetta Annable stops by the FOSTP booth.

Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association

Rick Mandel and Leon Lee man the Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association booth.

They have a map of the Santa Teresa Hills, the Coyote-Alamitos Canal, and the adjacent neighborhood.

The STFNA booth has plaster molds of animal tracks.

The game is to guess which animal goes with which track.

These are pictures of the animals.

Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

Sam talks to Teri Rogoway, Coordinator of Interpretive Programs

SCCOSA District 5 Director Virginia Holtz

Kitty Monahan helps out at the SCCOSA booth.

SCCOSA District 4 Director Garnetta Annable

Santa Clara County Parks

Park Interpreter Supervisor Julie Lee and Ranger Aniko Millan greet visitors to the County Parks booth.

Park intern David Yang talks to the visitors.

Ranger Gina Ellis shows animals pelts.

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