Santa Teresa Community Fest
FOSTP, 4H, Paul Bernal, & STFNA

On  September 20, 2008, the 9th annual Santa Teresa Community Fest was held at George Page Park. Setup began at 9:00. Ron Horii, Ed Jackson, and Sam Drake setup the tables, shades, and chairs for the Friends of Santa Teresa Park (FOSTP), Paul Bernal, and 4H. FOSTP's booth was behind the Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association's (STFNA) booth and next to Paul Bernal. 4H was a little ways to the south. Here are pictures of FOSTP, Paul Bernal, 4H, and STFNA during the day. FOSTP had models of the bull and bear fight and Rancho Santa Teresa. They displayed 2 large Santa Tersa Park posters made by Ron Horii on park activities and springtime park scenery. They passed out the latest FOSTP newsletters, Santa Teresa Park maps, "Park Here" brochures on all the County Parks, "Play Here" brochures on park activities, Healthy Trails flyers, and Ron's photography class flyer. Sam handed out geocaching flyers and little toys, which could be used as geocaching trading items. Mike Boulland and Kitty Monahan came in the afternoon. Holly Davis and Jenel Vincze setup the Coyote Crest 4H booth. They had a chicken bingo game, where players would guess which square the chicken would place a dropping. If they guessed correctly, they won a prize. Paul Bernal displayed historic pictures of the Bernal Family and Ranch Santa Teresa. He brought costumes so visitors could dress up like a Spanish soldier. STFNA had maps and information on the Santa Teresa Hills and passed out wildflower seeds. They had a game using plaster casts of animal footprints taken around the Santa Teresa Hills. Visitors had to guess which animals made the prints. They also had this game at Family Fandango Day at the Bernal Ranch, and it was very popular.

Sam and Ed setting up FOSTP's booth

Mary Bernal by the Rancho Santa Teresa booth next to the FOSTP booth

Holly setting up the Coyote Crest 4H booth

Paul Bernal's Rancho Santa Teresa booth next to FOSTP's

STFNA's booth behind FOSTP's booth

Paul Bernal at the Rancho Santa Teresa booth

Jenel and Holly and their chicken at the 4H  booth

Little visitor looking at Sam's geocaching trading items (toys)

Kids looking at the Santa Teresa models

Holly letting visitors pet the chicken

Rick Mandel at the STFNA booth

Mary Bernal dressed as a Spanish soldier

Mike Boulland at the FOSTP booth

Kitty Monahan at the FOSTP booth

Mike Boulland looking at Paul Bernal's historical pictures

Matt Freeman at the STFNA booth

The Davis Family at the STFNA booth

See here for pictures of the rest of the Community Fest

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Created by Ron Horii, 9/24/08