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Outdoor Photography Class

Santa Teresa Park, Oct. 2, 2010

Ron Horii demonstrates a vintage single-lens-reflex film camera (photo by Chris Horii)

The pictures below were taken at Ron Horii's outdoor photography class, held at the historic Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch at Santa Teresa County Park on October 2, 2010. About 32 people attended. Mike Boulland from the Friends of Santa Teresa Park helped with the class. The class began outside the ranch house for an outdoor talk and demo, then moved inside the barn for a Powerpoint slideshow in the barn. After that, the class went for a walk around the ranch buildings and to Santa Teresa Spring.

Ron is a volunteer photographer for the County Parks. He has been teaching this class for several years, usually at the Bernal Ranch in the spring and fall, but in the spring of 2010, he co-led a photo hike and wildflower walk at Rancho San Vicente.  Due to the lack of wildflowers, the fall classes tend to go in more detail on photographic technique, and the outdoor walk takes advantage of the photo opportunities around the historic ranch and Santa Teresa Spring.

The pictures below were taken by Ron Horii (RH), Chris Horii (CH), and Mike Boulland (MB).

The class assembles in the yard by the ranch house. Mike Boulland, president of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park, greets the participants and asks them to sign in. (CH)

Mike introduces Ron Horii. (CH)

Ron talks about his background and shows the pictures he took for the County Parks' Play Here brochure. (MB)

Ron's camera and lens collection. (MB)

Ron shows his camera collection, talking about how cameras work and how they evolved over time. He shows an old twin-lens reflex camera. (CH)

The class watches the demo. (CH)

Ron demonstrates different types of tripods. (CH)

Ron shows examples of outdoor pictures on a poster he made. (CH)

Ron's son Chris (right) helps take pictures of the class. (MB)

The class watches the demo and takes pictures. On the table are brochures, newsletters, and examples of Ron's pictures in newspapers and other publications. (MB)

 A short distance from the class, outside by the fence is a covey of quail. (CH)

The class goes inside the barn, where Ron gives a Powerpoint slideshow (MB).

The class watches the slideshow in the barn, which has been decorated for Halloween. There will be a sci-fi movie night on October 30, showing a movie on giant spiders. (MB)

The class goes back outside to take pictures. By the chicken coop, two 4H'ers brought out their chickens. (RH)

The class takes pictures of the chickens. (MB)

The class walks around the ranch, taking pictures of the farm equipment. (MB)

The class goes out to the 4H garden to look at the plants. (MB)

The back planter box on the left has carnivorous plants in it. (RH)

Closeup of one of the carnivorous pitcher plants. (MB)

The class walks around to the front of the ranch house. (RH)

Ron explains why the porch of the historic ranch house is a good place to take pictures. (MB)

The class walks out along the fence towards the old barn. (RH)

Ron points out the photo opportunities at the old barn. (MB)

The class takes pictures of the old barn, with the new barn in the background. (MB)

The class walks through the field, heading towards Santa Teresa Spring, with stops to look at the interpretive signs. (RH)

The class walks out to Santa Teresa Spring. Earlier, Ron passed out 3D movie glasses, which have polarizing lenses. The class uses them at the pond to see how polarizing lenses can cut water reflections. (RH)

The class takes pictures of the pond. (RH)

Turtles in the pond pose for pictures (RH)

The class comes up the walkway above the pond. (RH)

The class comes up to see Santa Teresa Spring (on the right). (RH)

Heading back through the field below the spring, Mike points out the sights in the historic area and talks about the  bull and bear fights that went on nearby. Earlier, Ron pointed out the Norred Trail in the hills and encouraged the class to go hiking in the park. (RH)

Thanks to Mike Boulland, David Yang, Chris Horii, and Lore Osaki-Horii for their help with the class.

Page created by Ron Horii, 10/6/10