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Family Fandango, 8/13/11

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Stile Ranch Trail Sunset 1/29/11

Santa Teresa Park Sun, Clouds, and Rainbows Pueblo Area, Ridge Trail, January 30, 2011

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High-Dynamic Range Photography

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Sun, Clouds, and Rainbows, Santa Teresa, 1/30/11

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Photo Class, Wildflower Walk, Santa Teresa Park, 4/4/09

Rancho San Vicente Photo Class Hike 4/17/10

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Outdoor Photography Hike, Mummy Mountain Trail, Coyote Lake, 4/23/11

Outdoor Photography Hike, Mummy Mountain Trail, Coyote Lake, 4/7/12

  Lichen Hike, Stile Ranch-Mine-Fortini Trails, 2/16/13
Santa Teresa County Park

On Saturday, February 16, 2013, County Parks docent Cait Hutnik, led an interpretive hike at Santa Teresa County Park. The theme of the hike was "Take a Liking to Some Lichen." Lichens are a combined organism consisting of a fungus and an algae. The fungus provides a home for the algae, which in turn provides food for the fungus by photosynthesis. Lichens take several forms and grow on rocks and trees. There were lots of lichen-covered rocks on the trail route. The hike started at the Stile Ranch/Fortini Trailhead on San Vicente Avenue near Fortini Road in the Almaden Valley. It followed the Stile Ranch Trail to the Mine Trail and returned on the Fortini Trail.

This is the Stile Ranch trailhead, where Cait has a table set up.

Cait has books, pictures, and samples of lichens on display.

Here Cait is showing different types of lichen.

These tree branches have different types of lichen on them.

Cait is showing pictures of lichen.

At the start of the Stile Ranch Trail, Cait points out a seep on the hillside. Some rare Mt. Hamilton thistle are growing in the seep. Later in the season, columbines and sunflowers will be blooming here.

There are several different kinds of lichen growing on this boulder.

As we climb up the switchbacked trail, Cait points out a hummingbird.

We reach the top of the switchbacks, where the trail widens out.

We pass by this ancient rock wall, which has many lichen-covered rocks. In the distance is Rancho San Vicente, a new addition to Calero County Park. It is open to the public only through guided tours. Cait will be leading tours there later in the year.

These rocks here not only have lichen, but they have rare and endangered Santa Clara Valley dudleya growing on them. These succulents, a member of the stonecrop family, grow in cracks on serpentine rocks and are only found in the southern Santa Clara Valley. They are found all over Santa Teresa Park and in neighboring parks.

As we climb up the hill, we get nice views of the southern part of the Almaden Valley. In the background are the hills of Almaden Quicksilver County Park, with the Sierra Azul mountain range behind them.

This rocks is covered with a furry coating of moss.

The group pauses near the ancient rock wall.

The group pauses on the trail, overlooking the South Almaden Valley. In the background on the right is Calero County Park.

As we crest the hill, Cait spots some early season wildflowers.

These are shooting stars.

There are several patches of shooting stars along trail.

Cait stands by a lichen-covered rocks. In the background are trail switchbacks on the other side of the valley.

Cait points out a leather oak, a common chaparral plant.

We head down into the valley. This part of the trail has clay soil and can get muddy after a rain. It was dry today.

We reach the bottom of the valley and approach a bridge that crosses over a small creekbed.

We climb up the hill on the other side of the valley and can look back at the switchbacked trail we just came down on.

This part of the trail is dry and rocky.

There are more lichen-covered boulders near the top of the hill.

As we crest this hill, we pass by a large lichen-covered boulder. In the background is the Bernal Road, which becomes a private road leading to IBM.

As we come down the trail, we see the green buildings of IBM's Almaden Research Center. Most of the Stile Ranch Trail actually runs through an easement on IBM's property.

We reach the bottom of the valley and cross over a small creek.

The trail runs next to the creek.

Ahead, the Stile Ranch Trail ends as it reaches the junction with the Mine Trail. We will take the Mine Trail to the right.

Here we come down the steep section of the Mine Trail just before it reaches the Fortini Trail, which is on the right. In the distance is Big Oak Valley and the Rocky Ridge Trail.

Below is the Fortini Trail.

Cait points out an elderberry tree and describes its many uses.

On the Fortini Trail, the rocky outcroppings on the right are covered with the endangered Santa Clara Valley dudleya.

There are lots of Santa Clara Valley dudleya growing on these rocks.

The trail runs through this shady area next to Santa Teresa Creek.

We cross over this small creek.

This huge manzanita tree shades the Fortini Trail near the Fortini Road entrance to the park, which is a service entrance only.

We begin to pass by some ranches on a private part of Fortini Road on the left. Ahead is an old barn.

We make it back to the Stile Ranch-Fortini Trail junction.

We meet back at the trailhead near noon. Time for lunch


The Stile Ranch/Fortini Trailhead is shown at the "A" on the map. It is located at the intersection of Fortini Road and San Vicente Avenue. Fortini Road is off of McKean Road in the South Almaden Valley. McKean Road can be reached by taking Almaden Expressway from the north or Bailey Avenue off 101 from the south. Note that Google lists the address for Santa Teresa Park as 260 Bernal Road, which is the address of the Santa Teresa Golf Course.

Here's a closer view, showing Fortini Road coming off McKean Road. Bernal Road leading to the Santa Teresa Golf Course and the Pueblo Day Use Area of the park becomes a private road to IBM and cannot be used to access the Stile Ranch/Fortini trailhead in the Almaden Valley.

This satellite view shows the parking lot at the trailhead on San Vicente Ave west of Fortini Road. The Stile Ranch Trail intersects the Mine Trail, which intersects the start of the Fortini Trail. The Fortini Trail returns to the Stile Ranch trailhead.  IBM's Almaden Research Center is on the upper right. The Stile Ranch Trail is on IBM's property, but the Almaden Research Center itself and the roads to the center are not open to public. The Mine Trail leads to the Rocky Ridge Trail on the right.

This 3D view looking east shows the Stile Ranch trailhead on the lower right. It shows all the switchbacks and valleys on the Stile Ranch Trail and the relatively flat Fortini Trail coming back. Coyote Peak, the high point of the park, is just to the left of center at the top. Below it is Big Oak Valley and the Rocky Ridge Trail, which leads up to the peak.

This is a 3D view looking west towards the Almaden Valley. The junction of the Fortini and Mine Trails is on the lower left.  The first set of hills in the background is the Los Capitancillos Ridge, which contains Almaden Quicksilver County Park. Behind it is the Sierra Azul Range. A large part of it belongs to Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve.

This 3D view looking south shows the junction of the Stile Ranch and Mine Trails at the bottom center. In the background on the upper left is Calero Reservoir. McKean Road runs below it. Above McKean Road in the center and right is the Rancho San Vicente addition to Calero County Park. The hills behind Calero Reservoir are part of Calero County Park, which is adjoined by Rancho Canada Del Oro Open Space Preserve on the right. In the background is the Sierra Azul Range, topped by Mt. Loma Prieta on the right, the highest point in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Note that the Stile Ranch and Mine Trails are part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail route in Santa Teresa Park (see the link at the top of the page). It continues on the Pueblo Trail, Hidden Springs Trail, and Coyote Peak Trail, ending at Coyote Peak. In Santa Clara County, the Bay Area Ridge Trail runs through Sanborn County Park, Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, through Almaden Quicksilver County Park, the Los Alamitos/Calero Creek Trail and then to Santa Teresa Park. After that, it jumps to the Coyote Creek Trail, with isolated sections in Joseph D. Grant County Park, Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear County Park, the Penitencia Creek Trail, and Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve.

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