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Sun, Clouds, and Rainbows, Santa Teresa Park, 1/30/11

Family Fandango Day

Santa Teresa County Park 

August  13, 2011

The pictures below were taken on Family Fandango Day, held on August 13, 2011 at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch in the Santa Teresa County Park Historical Area on Manila Drive. This was the sixth year for this event, which celebrates the history of the ranch from the original Muwekma Indians, to the Spanish settlers and their descendants, to the American ranch era. Here are pictures from the event. They are grouped by activity, so they are not exactly in chronological order, except within each group. The pictures were taken by Ron Horii and Chris Horii.  Chris' pictures are designated by "CH."

Setting up for Fandango

The Fandango sign is at the entrance to the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch.

Friends of Santa Teresa Park president Mike Boulland shows park interpreter Jan Shriner a mock-up for a future sign on Coyote Peak.

Shari Sullivan sets up the information table and talks to some early visitors.

Docents Kitty Monahan and Mary Moran

Docent Dennis Moran sets up the wooden cattle.

Decorated confetti-filled eggs (cascarones), which will be used later. They were made by Terri Williams. (CH)

Setting up the Tamale Factory's food booth.


At the information and registration table (left to right)  volunteer Shari Sullivan and park planner Antoinette Romeo. (CH)

Park intepreter Jan Shriner organized Fandango and opened the festivities, accompanied by Spanish translator Jorge Izquierdo Garcia.

Rangers Aniko Millan and Ryan Lugo watch the festivities.

Young Dancers

Gloria E. Arellano-Gomez, a Tribal Councilwoman of the Muwekma Ohlone tribe (center in black) says a prayer in the native Muwekma language. In front, the young dancers from El Grito de la Cultura get ready to perform. (CH)

Dancers. (CH)

A large crowd watches the dancers.

The dancers are accompanied by the Alta California Orchestra. (CH)

Pottery-Making by Ruben Reyes

Ruben Reyes demonstrates how to make clay pottery and figures using a variety of methods.

Clay animal and pumpkins. (CH)

Ruben Reyes shows how to make a bowl by forming clay around a mold and cutting off the edges. (CH)

Visitors try their hand at making clay bowls.

Clay bowls made by guests.

Ruben Reyes shows how to make a plate on a potter's wheel.


The crafts table, staffed by Phyllis Carrasco and Mary Moran. (CH)

Display on herbs and the crafts table.

Rancho Trading Post (Meson del Minero)

Delfina and Francisco Garcia have a booth with plants, clothing, accessories, and toys, like a rancho trading post.

Delfina Garcia grinding corn meal for making tortillas. (CH)

Clay pots, fruits, and vegetables. (CH)

Mexican toys (CH)

The Muwekma Ohlone

The Muwekma Ohlone had a booth showing the history of their tribe.

The Muwekma Ohlone's craft display on elderberry clapper sticks, which were used for making music.

At the craft table, kids are making clapper sticks.

SJSU lecturer Alan Leventhal gives a Powerpoint presentation in the barn about the Ohlone.


Mexican food was provided by the Tamale Factory.

Janice Frazier's Horse Easy

Trail Watch volunteer and equestrian Janice Frazier (in blue) brought her horse, Easy.

Kitty Monahan watches as kids feed carrots to Easy.


Brian and Marianne Steeger of the Alta California Orchestra provide live entertainment, performing traditional early California music.

They play a variety of instruments. (CH)

The Juan Bautista de Anza National Trail Table

Interpreters Jonathan Hernandes and Rick Smith  from the National Park Service are at the tables for the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail.

They have a crafts activity for making corn husk dolls.

They have clothes and shields for dressing up like soldiers of the De Anza party. (CH)

Dressing up like a Spanish soldier

A young Spanish soldier

Coyote Crest 4H

Bernal Ranch Park Interpreter John Dorrance (center) visits the Coyote Crest 4H booth.

4H'ers talk about their chicken project. The chicken coop is behind them.

Chickens were in a small enclosure for petting.

At the 4H garden project table, visitors get to plant seeds in small cups of soil.

Displays at the 4H garden project table.

At the 4H beekeeping table, tools, beehives, live bees, honey, and beeswax are on display.

Activities in Back of the Barn

4H'ers and volunteers at the back of the barn, including long-time volunteer and former trail crew member Brian Shively (right), with Stephen Leong, who was a park intern. (CH)

Visitors pet the rabbits raised by 4H'er Jason Bombadier (center). Jason raises the rabbits in the barn. (CH)

Dennis Moran discusses the fine points of lariats with a visitor. (CH)

Volunteer Jeff Casavant assists with the cattle-roping. (CH)

Cattle branding

The Friends of Santa Teresa Park's Booths

The Friends of Santa Teresa Park have several tables, which include pictures, historic models, artifacts, and an adobe brick-making activity. (CH)

This is a model of Rancho Santa Teresa, made as a class project by one of Mike Boulland's former students. (CH)

Mike Boulland talks to vistors about Rancho Santa Teresa. (CH)

Dorene Boulland and Ed Jackson (right) help with the adobe brick-making.

Pouring adobe mix into brick forms. (CH)

The bricks are set out to dry.

Maureen Kluska helps a visitor mix adobe for making bricks.

Older Dancers

The older dancers pose for pictures.

Dance director Elena Robles introduces the dancers.

One of the expert dancers performs a solo.

Members of the audience are invited to join in on a dance.

Elena Robles brings the basket of cascarones.

At the end of the dance, the dancers pick up the cascarones and break the confetti-filled eggs on audience members' heads.


Jan Shiner closes the event, thanking the visitors for coming.

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