Volunteers Recognition Dinner 4/1/04

Greetings from Parks Director Lisa Killough

On April 1, 2004, the annual Santa Clara County Parks Volunteers Recognition Dinner was again held in the upper clubhouse at the Santa Teresa Golf Club. Ron Horii put on a slideshows of all the county parks. Dennis Moran provided sing-a-long entertainment. Jack Wilson read poetry. There was a presentation by Viki Pappanastos on the history and ranch house at Grant Ranch. Ron Bricmont gave a presentation on star-gazing at the ranch. There was a star party outside after the dinner.

Here are some of the hourly awards won by volunteers who have worked at least part of the time at Santa Teresa Park:

  • 50 Hour Award
    • Judyth Hieb
  • 100 Hour Awards
    • Madeline Davis
    • Riley Davis
  • 250 Hour Awards
    • Brian Shively
  • 500 Hour Awards
    • Holly Davis
    • Donna Gillette
  • 1000 Hour Awards
    • Mario Blaum
  • 1500 Hour Awards
    • Ronald Horii
  • 3000 Hour Awards
    • Mike Boulland
    • Roy Ichinaga
  • 5000 Hour Awards
    • Kitty Monahan
  •  50+ Hours
    • Doreen Boulland
    • Steven Crockett
    • Rick Leonard
These are the Park Awards:
  • Volunteer Group of the Year: Robin Houts, Chitactac Adams
  • Volunteer Group of the Year: Trail Watch Equestrian Unit
  • Junior Volunteer of the Year: Brian Shiveley
  • Junior Volunteer Group of the Year: Coyote Crest 4H.
  • Park Liason of the Year: Terri Sanislo-Williams
  • Volunteer Coordinating Council Award: Chere Barger
  • Directors Award: Bob Meyers, Almaden Quicksilver
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Created 4/22/04 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park