Rocky Ridge Trail Day
  May 6, 2006



Santa Teresa Park

County Parks


On May 6, 2006, more than two dozen volunteers of all ages gathered at the Pueblo Area in Santa Teresa Park, preparing to work on the Rocky Ridge Trail. It had been a very wet season. The week before, it had rained. Fortunately, several days of dry weather helped dry out the trail. Greg Bringelson, who's in charge of trail maintenance, gave instructions to the volunteers on what areas needed work. He also covered the safety rules. Next, trail lead Roy Ichinaga demonstrated how to use the tools. The volunteers then broke into 3 smaller groups. Each would be tackling a different part of the trail. See the pictures below.
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Greg Bringelson is instructing the volunteers at the Pueblo Area.
Volunteers are gathering, listening to instructions and preparing to hit the trail.
Trail lead Roy Ichinaga is giving instructions on how to use the tools.

One group is heading down the Rocky Ridge Trail to Big Oak Valley.
Trail groups are crossing over the creek bridge and heading up the hill to the work sites.
One group is attacking the lower part of the trail, improving drainage.
The middle group is working on a very muddy spot, filling it in with rocks.
This is the upper group smoothing out rough spots on the trail.
This is the upper group filling in rough spots on the trail with rocks and dirt.

This is the middle group digging and filling in the muddy spot with rocks.
Greg Bringelson brought more volunteers to help out on the lower trail.
This was a muddy rutted spot, which was filled in with rocks and dirt and smoothed out by the lower group.

The middle group is resting after a hard job digging in mud and moving rocks.
The upper group is finishing up. Notice the freshly-filled in area.
This is one of the areas worked on by the lower group. It was smoothed out and widened.

Greg Bringelson and Sam Drake are bringing down old pieces of fences that were put there previously to help cover muddy spots
This is where the creek crosses the Mine Trail. A temporary rock bridge was placed by volunteers to help bikes and hikers cross over.
The volunteers rest and have snacks after a hard monning's work.

Pictures taken 5/5/06 by Ronald Horii

Created 5/23/06 by Ronald Horii