Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 9/14/00


The meeting was held at 7:00 in the upper clubhouse. Mike Boulland was presiding. Ron Horii was the recording secretary. Minutes from last meeting were reviewed. Five board members were present out of a total of eight menbers attending.
  • Jim O'Conner was on vacation this week, so we did not get the park ranger security report. Dave Ellis called and stated he would be at the next meeting, and a park maintenance representive did not attend this meeting. 
  • Maria Brasewell from the Kids Extended Care Support daycare center at Baldwin School talked about a  planned upcoming Park Watch meeting. She contacted Ed Tanaka, ranger at Calero County Park, who will speak on park issues. Gigi Gonzalez from the police department will be coming to talk about crime prevention. The meeting will be held on October 11 at 7 pm in the daycare center at Baldwin School. FOSTP said they would participate in the meeting and that Jim O'Conner needs to be contacted. 
  • Mario Blaum and Hazen Anderson reported on vandalism and after-hours trespassing and drinking by youths at Santa Teresa Springs. Mario said that the sheriff came and arrested some kids there. Hazen said he called the sheriff 4 times, but they did not come every time. The San Jose Police have been responsive to calls in the neighborhood, but they do not have jurisdiction over Santa Teresa parklands or most of the Santa Teresa Hills, which are on county land.
  • Hazen said that the light at the springs was supposed to have been installed 2 months ago, but is still not there. A different contractor from the one working on the Joice Bernal Rancho is handling it. 
  • There is a sign at the entrance to the springs about the hours and the ban on alcohol. There is another sign up by the springs warning about alcohol. There is no sign warning about the penalty for vandalism ($10,000), but there should be.
  • People have been leaving trash around the springs. The neighbors have been cleaning up the litter. Park Maintenance (Chris Orr) needs to be made aware of this.
  • Mike Boulland reported that a telephone has been installed up at Pueblo day use area by the parking lot closest to the Hidden Springs Trail.
  • Mike said that Robin Schaut will be coming to our next meeting to talk about developing an interpretive curriculum workshop for the Joice Bernal Rancho. A  ranger staff position has been hired to manage the interpretive program. The community is welcome to help and contribute historical information. All five board members at the meeting stated they wanted to help at the workshop 
  • The Joice Bernal Rancho construction has resumed. It is scheduled to be completed by November 1. The main house and nearby barn will be used for interpretive programs. The caretaker's house in back will house park personnel, possibly a resident caretaker or a ranger.
  • A mounted patrol will be going into the old Buck Norred ranch. The house in the future will be restored, and possibly a caretaker will live in it.
  • We need an 18-month schedule. Mike asked Dave Ellis to put together a to-do list. Also, Mike reported that many neighbors and children want to earn hours for the Volunteer Park Pass and are asking for local events to earn hours.  Dave stated in a phone conversation he would get input on dates from the Calero Unit. 
  • Mike said that the local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have offered to volunteer to help with the park. The coordinator for scheduling workday is waiting for our trail day schedule. The scheduler schedules all the Scouting trail event for the Santa Clara Valley Boys and Girls Scouts. 
  • Ron Horii reported that park usage at the upper Pueblo Day Use Area still seems to be light. Yesterday, there were only 4 cars at the park in the late afternoon.
  • There was a question about how much has been collected in fees at the park and how many Venture Passes have been sold.
  • Mike reported that the FOSTP account balance was $1384.83.
  • Mike said we need a flyer permit and business license. A flyer permit is needed to hand out handbills. The permit is free for non-profits.
  • We had more people this meeting, so we voted on ratifying the current officers.
  • Mario Blaum is planning to donate money to FOTSP. He is looking into getting IBM Matching Grants funds to match it.
  • Suggestions were made for some ideas on how to spend the funds: One ideas was to put interpretive signs on Coyote Peak. A related  idea was to put up fixed and labeled viewing pipes aimed at landmarks visible from Coyote Peak.
  • Ron Horii talked about the FOSTP Website and welcomed submissions from members. He will look into making a flyer about the Website to put up at the Santa Teresa Library.
  • Ron Horii will go to the next Parks Commission meeting in Ocotober and talk about the concerns brought up in this meeting.
  • Next FOSTP meeting: October 12.
Ronald Horii,
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park
9/14/00, update 10/8/00

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Created 9/15/2000, revised 9/16/00 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park