Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 6/8/00


  • Ron Horii will try to get a Website for FOSTP and put the meeting agenda on it. (This is it.) 
  • Mr. Dan Judnick, a teacher and cross-country coach at Bernal Intermediate School, came and talked about the use of the park for cross-country races.
    • He had concerns about spectators having to pay the park fees to watch the races.
    • They need to establish a permanent course so they can set records.
    • During the last championship race, there were problems with people parking where they shouldn't have. The schools need to plan this better.
    • Track starts on 9/23.
  • Jim reported that there was an arrest at Santa Teresa Springs at 11:30 the previous Saturday. There was an adult with outstanding warrants and several juveniles, whose parents were called.
  • Plans are being drawn up for the Buck Norred Ranch. There will be a caretaker there, who will be like a camp host.
  • The County is fixing up the Rosetto Ranch. It needs new heating, air-conditioning, and strapping to the foundation.
  • Hazen said there was a need for signs at Santa Teresa Springs. People are violating park rules, like going there after dark, then claiming they didn't see a sign with the park rules.
  • For trouble at the springs or anywhere in the park, call 299-2311. If you call 911, the city responds, but they do not have jurisdiction over county land. Want neighborhood meetings, park watch meetings.
  • On 6/24, Mike will be visiting the "Circle of Circles" site with an archaeologist.
  • Hazen suggested going to the Historic Heritage meeting and asking for funds to restore the second barn at the Bernal-Joice Rancho.
  • The Pizack property is in escrow 2-3 weeks ago. The city of San Jose authorized 17 homes. Joe Lewis has permission from the city. Is it on city or county land? It is mentioned in the inventory of the H4 historic district. The house belonged to the Bernal family at one time. The property is worth $1.4 million. The county does not want to purchase it because it is too expensive, though it was once on a high-priority list for purchase. The property sits on Curie west of the intersection of Curie and San Ignacio. The fields on either side of it belong to Santa Teresa Park.
  • The 6/3 National Trail Day event was cancelled. There will be no work day on 6/10.
  • There was a discussion about the park fees. Joe Schultz, Deputy Director, Park Operations was at the meeting. He mentioned that $3.50/hour is used as a figure by Disney for calculating the value of a recreational dollar. He said that park usage tends to drop after fees are introduced, but tends to go back up again later. Ron Horii reported that park usage seems to have dropped after the fees. Many of the cars that are parked in the park do not have fee stubs. People hang out by their cars. Ed Souza should know how much has been collected from the park fees.
  • Mike bought the Earth Core people $85 in water slide tickets as a reward for their work. There was originally a $25K grant from San Jose for the Earth Core program for at-risk kids.
  • There is $1558 in the bank.



    Ronald Horii,
    Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park

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Created 7/13/2000, revised 9/16/00 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park