Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 3/08/01


  • The meeting was held at the upper clubhouse. Mike Boulland was presiding. Ron Horii was the recording secretary. Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed.
  • Attending: Mike Boulland, Dorothy Wuss, Jim O'Connor, Ken Silvera, Steve Crockett, Ronald Horii.
  • Ranger Jim O'Connor reported on the reorganization of the county park ranger coverage for the local parks. The parks department created a new Anderson unit, which includes Motorcycle County Park, Field Sports, and the southern half of Coyote Creek. Jim is the managing ranger at Calero and Anderson. Santa Teresa Park jurisdiction has been transferred to the Hellyer Park unit. The Calero rangers will continue to do patrols in Santa Teresa when Hellyer resources are low.
  • Rollie Young is the senior ranger at Hellyer. He was the maintenance coordinator. Before that, he was a ranger at Stevens Creek and Sanborn County Park. Dave Ellis is now the senior ranger at Anderson. Chris Orr is now at Coyote Lake. 
  • Jim introduced Ken Silvera. Ken has been with the parks department for 20 years. He has been a ranger at Calero, Almaden Quicksilver, Santa Teresa, Anderson, Motorcyle, and Uvas. He has been supervising Ed Levin, Grant Ranch, and the mounted ranger unit. He has the Hellyer Park unit now, with his office at Hellyer Park. 
  • April - Boy and Girl Scouts, sign projects.
  • Calero will be handling maintenance at Santa Teresa until September, then will switch to Hellyer maintenance.
  • There is only 1 parks maintenance supervisor for the whole county. They may get a new manager in around 3 weeks.
  • Manila Drive has calmed down, incident-wise.
  • Park Watch - neighbors could be helpful watching the park. Jim recommends setting up a meeting in May with the neighbors to explain what to call in.
  • The phone at the top of the park goes to County Communications.
  • The contractors are 4-5 weeks away from finishing construction at the Joice Bernal Rancho. The parks dept. is looking for a caretaker when the contractors pull out. The restroom won't open until contractors have signed off.
  • Jim wants to have a meeting in May with cross-country coaches on marking trails. Mike said there are 3 high school leagues and 3 junior high school leagues. Santa Teresa is in the middle of the CCS, making it the perfect site for cross-country meets. It has vantage points where coaches can see the whole course. The goal is to have a common course. They don't want coaches to make their own trails.
  • Treasurer's report: we paid a state filing fee of $20 to register our board of officers and file as a state organization. The president, scretary and treasurer are considered officers.
  • The Silicon Valley Parks Foundation can accept donations. They have a list of projects to fund.
  • Officers:
    • President: Mike Boulland
    • Vice President: Kitty Monahan
    • Secretary: Ronald Horii
    • Treasurer: Holly Davis
    • Steve Crockett: events
    • Steve Crockett moved to elect these officers. Holly Davis seconded. The slate was approved unanimously.
  • Jim suggests holding 1 big event instead of bimonthly events. We need to coordinate with the parks department.
  • On 4/12 is the county park's Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner at the Santa Teresa clubhouse in place of the FOSTP regular meeting. FOSTP will host the event. Mike said his school's kids will help out.
  • There may be a wildflower walk at the Stiles Ranch Trail on April 14.
  • Robin Schaut has been getting material for the Joice Bernal interpretive project. 
  • $20K state grant. Need to write grant request. lots of work, can do for any school, mostly at Baldwin.
  • The Countryview Drive area has been a problem. The county is trying to fence it off. Rangers and deputies go up there because of problems with illegal 4WD use. A 4WD got stuck in the mud near there. Another got stuck trying to burglarize it. Deputies also got stuck.
  • On 4/21- the Earth Corps will plant flowers around the sign at Heaton Moor.
  • Maintenance of the creek through the Norred Ranch will be addressed in the plan for the mounted patrol.
  • IBM is in charge of maintenance of Bernal Road.
  • Volunteer hours:
    • Mike Boulland: 15
    • Holly Davis: 8
    • Dorothy Wuss: 3
    • Steve Crocket: 2
    • Kitty Monahan: 1
    • Ron Horii: 11 at Santa Teresa, 25 on new Almaden Quicksilver Website.
Ronald Horii,
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park

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Created 4/3/2001 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park