Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 2/08/01


  • The meeting was held at the upper clubhouse. Mike Boulland was presiding. Ron Horii was the recording secretary. Minutes from last meeting were reviewed.
  • Attending: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Holly Davis, Mario Blaum, Ronald Horii.
  • The members voted for and approved the payment of $75.00 to the United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County for event insturance. This covers liability for events off the grounds of the park. The calendar for events needs to be approved by them.
  • Last time we met at the Flames Restaurant at Bernal and Santa Teresa because we couldn't get into the clubhouse. Whenever we don't or can't meet at the clubhouse, we should meet at the Flames.
  • The volunteers recognition dinner for the county parks will probably be at the Santa Teresa clubhouse again. 
  • Steve Crockett will be honred for his work with the Volunteer Coordinating Committee for the County Parks Department. He coordinated the volunteers at the Fantasy of Lights at Vasona.
  • At the last meeting, Ron talked about trail possibilities. One he forget to mention was the firebreak that runs along the middle of Rocky Ridge. This could be used for a trail and often is. Mike said this is a firebreak to protect the private property above it, and that the parks department does not want people to use use it as a trail because it does run next to the fence at the private property boundary.
  • Mike read a letter from Robin Schaut on the Joice Bernal Ranch interpretive project:



    Hi Mike.  I won't be at the meeting tonight, but here is some information to
    share.  I am meeting with Suzanne Bauer today to look at all of the historic
    photos that we have collected so far.  We have been struggling with this and
    haven't found as many as we would have liked, but we do have several good
    ones.  We plan on putting them all together (I have some, she has some, San
    Jose History has copied some for us...) so that we will have everything in
    one place.  We will then set out to identify the people and places in the
    photos - some are still a mystery.  You could probably be of some help with
    this so I will share the "collection" with you when I have it all.  We are
    also getting together with San JOse History Museum's collection people to
    look at furniture for the ranch house.  San Jose has agreed to loan us
    furnishings, but we have to identify what we need.  At this point, we won't
    accept anything, because we don't have an exhibit plan from Platypus for the
    house or barn yet.  We are just going to see what is available and take some
    photos.  I will also try to track down the mill stone while I am there!
    Platypus is working on conceptual designs for the outdoor interpretive
    signage.  Once we get them the historic photos, they will have a better idea
    of what they have to work with.  That is all for now!


  • The lights at the springs are up. They have motion sensors that stay on for 3 minutes. There are two lights, and they are unobtrusive. The neighbors are delighted. The lights helps the neighbors and protects the springs. We need to recognize the parks department for putting up the lights.
  • We talked about the problems at the end of Country View Drive at the park boundary. There's lots of garbage there. There have been problems with partying, dumping, and 4WD vehicles driving on the hills. They are driving on private property. The parks department is putting up boulders to prevent this on the park property.
  • Holly reported seeing a 4WD vehicle cutting across the lawn at the Pueblo area.
  • Dave Ellis is now a ranger at either Anderson or Coyote Lake. 
  • Santa Teresa park is now in the Hellyer Park unit instead of Calero. This means there will be a new crew of maintenance people working on the park.
  • California Trail Days is 4/21. The Boy Scouts said they will be willing to do trail work on that day. 
  • One of the parking ticket machines was removed because of low receipts. We want to get a report on the fees collected from these machines.
  • Hours for Jan.-Feb.: Mario: 12 (36 in the last 3 months), Holly: 8,  Steve: 5, Kitty: 3, Ron: 5, Mike: 10, Joy Sandoval: 7.
  • Hours for Dec.-Jan.: Steve: 3, Mike: 5, Maria: 12, Kitty: 3, Ron: 8.
  • We reviewed the Activity Calendar that was originally proposed by Chris Orr and discussed other events:
    • We will not be doing the January activities.
    • Mike will organize Earth Corps to help pick up litter along the fence across from Bernal School. The fence is on County Park property.
    • March:  no activities, except for the FOSTP meeting 3/8, election of officers (see below).
    • April 1: Santa Teresa Safety Day at Bernal School. FOSTP will have an information booth there.
    • April 15: Earth Day
    • April 12: VCC recognition dinner in place of FOSTP meeting.
    • April 21: work on the sign at Bernal and Heaton Moor, plant native plants, Mike will organize.
    • May 10: FOSTP meeting
    • May 19: work day on the Ohlone Trail (move up from June), Mike will send out flyer, give to Boy Scouts. 
    • August 18: clean out the ditch at Buck Norred's. Holly Davis will organize, park personnel will supervise. Paint the buildings at the same time.
    • October 20: cleanup at Joice Bernal Rancho.
  • Nominations for officers. We are taking nominations. So far, we have:
    • President: Mike Boulland
    • Event Coordinator: Mario Blaum
    • Treasurer: Steve Crockett
    • Secretary: Ronald Horii
  • Other positions, not elected:
    • Archivist: Dorothy Wuss
    • Historian: Hazen Anderson
    • Advisor: Paul Bernal
    • Joy Sandoval is involved at Baldwin School
  • Ron Horii requested changing the meeting date to another day, like the first Thursday in the month, starting in September due to meeting conflicts.
  • The VCC recognition dinner will be held on 4/12. Holly Davis will help sign up people. We need help with setup and cleanup.

Ronald Horii,
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park

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Created 1/29/2001 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park