Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 12/2/10

  • Attendees: Maureen Klaska, Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Mario Blaum, Ron Horii
  • The clubhouse was locked, so we met at the Flames Restaurant.
  • Maureen will help out with tabulating volunteer hours. We had 855 volunteer hours so far.
  • Pig have been cmong around Curie from Camino Verde and going east.
  • Budget: we have $351.88 in the bank. We had $427.18, -$95.30 for Fandando expenses, +$20 refund from the state. We voted and approved the budget.
  • The annual potluck at Mike's house will be on Jan. 6 at 6:30.
  • Santa Teresa Library birthday party: Maureen met with the librarian, Ruth Barefoot, to discuss it. They want the people of the community to celebrate the birth of the library. It will be from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday Feb. 5. We'll have the small model of the Bernal Ranch, a slideshow of the park, showing in the Community Room. The Friends of the Santa Teresa Library, the Bernal Band with Mr. Tyler, and Paul Bernal will be coming. Sam will have a display on geocaching. Displays will be arranged around the library. There will be pictures of the old library, food, balloons, 2 authors of books on California history. Kid will make bookmarks. Seniors from the Senior Center will be asked to come to display their crafts. The preschool near Kaiser will be invited for story hour. Mike will do story-telling. Kathy Tyler will come help to draw pictures.
  • The Coyote Peak plaque: it includes the frame and stand. It needs to be in Robin Schaut's budget, which she submits in June 2011. We will plan for 1 plaque. We can make a cardboard mockup. The plaques at the Bernal Ranch at 36" X 18". Other plaques are 36" X 24". We'll have a panorama that covers from IBM to Martin Murphy. Art Boudreault knows what resolution to use. Black and white lasts only a little longer than color. New signs have a special coating that makes them last longer. If we want shade, it can be a Boy Scout project.
  • There's a phone line caught between limbs of trees on Manila Drive near the ranch house that looks like it's in danger of being broken.
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    Created 1/26/11  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park