Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 10/7/10

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Jenel Vincze, Ed Jackson, Woody Collins, Maureen Klaska
  • We met in the lower clubhouse due to a wedding rehearsal party in the upper clubhouse.
  • Ron showed pictures of Fandango, Santa Teresa Community Fest, Healthy Trails Stile Ranch Hike, Grasshopper Night at the Bernal Ranch, Ron's outdoor photography hike, Coyote Peak, and the trail sign at Boccardo OSP.
  • The Mt. Umunhum tour will be on Sunday October 24, meet at the New Almaden Community Club at 9:30. Car pool to Mt. Umunhum, arrive at 10:30. Lunch is at 12 noon. Depart at 1:00. Arrive back at the Community Club at 2:00.
  • The forms for Adopt-a-Trail aren't ready yet.
  • Expenditures: $200 for UNSCC membership fees, $70 to Mike Boulland for copy paper and ink. $21.06 to Ron Horii for Fandango supplies, $500 to ITS for music at Fandango.
  • Remaining CAP Grant funds: $100 for event insurance, $156 for website fees.
  • Our balance will be $347.18 after all expenditures.
  • Mike met with Gloria Gill to discuss our membership. Volunteers need to register with both FOSTP and the County Parks. Signing in with the County Parks does not mean they are a FOSTP member. We need to have a membership application on file for each member. The list of members needs to match Edie Hansen's list. She has 81 names on her list.
  • The third Tuesday work party will move from the Bernal Ranch to the Pueblo Area. The workbox with tools has been moved there. November 16th is the next work day. It will be on the Ohlone Trail. Meet at 9:00 am.
  • Marty Reinders set out a list of the county's building inventory.
  • The solar lights at the spring are not working right. They seem to be staying on all the time, instead of being triggered by motion.
  • The sheriffs caught kids at the Santa Teresa Spring. 4 sheriffs cars showed up. They would not say what the kids were doing.
  • Sam talked to a county dispatcher at Community Fest. She said they now know very well where Santa Teresa Spring is.
  • There is an REI geocaching class at Almaden Quicksilver's Wood Road Trail on 10/23.
  • Sam is leading a geocaching class on the Wood Road Trail on 11/13.
  • Pioneer Day will be at the Casa Grande in New Almaden on 11/13 from 11 to 4.
  • Jenel said that their 4H club has new leadership. They had open enrollment in September. Their first meeting is next week.
  • Maureen said that the Santa Teresa Library is planning a celebration even in February for their one-year anniversary. They asked if we could do a presentation. Maureen and Mike will meet with the librarian to discuss the plans. Ron can prepare posters and a slideshow. We can ask Paul Bernal to show historic pictures.
  • Ron talked about the fire in the park  Witnesses said it started from the top of the hill by the Vista Loop, and burned quickly down the hill by the Bernal Hill Loop Trail. It was put out quickly.
  • There was a sexual assault on the Coyote-Alamitos Canal near Snell, above Century Oaks Parks. The suspect has not been caught.
  • We talked about the interpretive plaque on Coyote Peak. Ron showed pictures of the plaque on Boccardo Hill. It shows a panoramic view, with labeled lines pointing to landmarks. Sam showed a similar design with a panorama from Coyote Peak. We said we should divide the view into 3 views, from the east, north, and west, for each of the 3 benches on the peak. We'll have 3 signs eventually, but we should work on the north sign first. At the top of the sign, it would have the panoramic view with arrows. At the bottom, it would have zoomed-in pictures of some of the points of interest.
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    Created 10/11/10 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park