Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 9/5/19


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Kim Gardner, Gus Letona, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Steve Crockett, Ron Horii, visiting: Jonathan Fleming.
    • Jonathan Fleming came to visit us. He is a candidate for San Jose City Council District 2. He is originally from LA, grew up in Danville, went to De La Salle High and Santa Clara U. He became a mechanical engineer and designed defense equipment. He receipt recognition from a US senator for his design of a seat to protect soldiers in vehicles from mine explosions. He was in a car accident, and as part of physical therapy, he started walking around the neighborhood. He recognized the need to cleanup parks. He worked at SJSU from 2016-2018, in charge of the senior capstone project for sociology majors, where they worked on homelessness and cleaning up parks. He became Vice Chair of the city's Neighborhoods Commission. He decided to run for City Council. He has solutions to problems on his website
    • Kelsi Ju will be starting raptor field trips at the Bernal Ranch for 5th graders. Steve and Mike will be helping.
    • There will be raptor identification hikes for the general public on 9/7, 10/12, and 11/2, starting at the Bernal Ranch.
    • Kelsi will be having work days at the Bernal Ranch for students from Bernal Intermediate School.
    • Jason Gorman, senior park maintenance worker for Santa Teresa/Hellyer, still needs someone to water trees in the Pueblo Area. Greg may do it.
    • The Rosetto House (next to the Fortini Trail) is closed due to water problems. We need to watch it to make sure it doesn't get vandalized. 
    • We would like to tour the Grant House. Lisa Pappanastos can lead the tour. Weekdays work best for her. We need to pick a date. Gus proposes Nov. 14, 21, or 28.
    • Greg has been working with Mike on organizing our budget and reports. We currently have $2142.87 today. Pending checks are $1734.60. Most have been written. $699.03 will be left. $500 has been allocated: $300 for our 501c3 application, $200 for items needed by Kelsi Ju for her events at the Bernal Ranch. $199.39 is unallocated. 
    • We submitted our application for the Beautify San Jose Cycle 3 grant. We are working on completing the Cycle 2 grant report.
    • 11/7 Kitty will be giving a talk on the Almaden Mines. Come early to setup, around 6:15 (in the Upper Clubhouse).
    • The 501c3 letter of recommendation has been written. We need endorsements by city councilmembers and supervisors.
    • Greg bought giveaway items for his National Night Out from Harbor Freight.
    • Mike is giving a whopper tour at the Casa Grande on Oct. 26 at 5 pm. It filled up. He's giving a New Almaden town tour on 10/27, meeting at the New Almaden Post Office. It will not go into the Casa Grande. He is hoping to have a whopper walk at the Bernal Ranch on 11/3 from 3-5, pending approval. 
    • La Fuente is 10/19 from 12-4. We'll have an information table there. We'll use the same setup as National Night Out. 
    • Ron showed a slideshow: National Night Out, Coyote Peak hike by Bryan Lue, "Impact of Fire" hike on the Norred Trail by Luke Bailey, firefighter training in the Pueblo Area, Bayliss Fire, archery class, hole in the Ridge Trail, tree fall on the Ohlone Trail, Bernal Ranch garden boxes, EEOC event, repair of posts at the Bernal Ranch restroom, Ohlone Trail, faded QR codes on signs on the Nature Trail, regrowth of vines at Santa Teresa Spring, Muriel Wright Center, bike event at the Pueblo Area, concerts at the golf course (last one on 9/20).
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       Created 9/19/19 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park