Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 8/2/18


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Kim Gardner, Marilyn August, Jorge & Debi Porras, Ron Horii, special guest: Park Interpreter Kelsi Ju
    • Our special guest, Kelsi Ju, is the provisional Park Interpreter at the Bernal Ranch. 
      • She spent 3 years as an interpreter for the National Parks Service at the GGNRA. She went through park service training at the Grand Canyon. Originally from Oahu, she spent 2 years in the Peace Corps in Panama and speaks 5 languages. 
      • She is working on youth development and education for K-1 field trips at the Bernal Ranch. In the fall, they will have a 5th grade raptor migration program.
      • Other grades will have programs at specific parks. Chris Carson will do grades 4-5 at Quicksilver. Lynda Will will do grades 2-4 at Martial Cottle. No preschool programs. The Wetlands Safari boat tours at Alviso will be for middle schoolers.
      • Next Thursday is the last community volunteer clean-up activity at the ranch. The intent is to build community ownership. She wants people to feel welcome at the ranch. 
      • 10/27 from 12-4 is La Fuente (The Origin) at the Bernal Ranch. It will be a fall celebration that they want to make an annual event. It will celebrate the past, present, and future communities around the ranch. It can include the Muwekma and Spanish settlement eras. It replaces Fandango, which will no longer be held. It will be more expanded than Fandango and more accurate culturally. Representatives from the communities will tell stories. 
      • A volunteer host is needed at the Bernal Ranch, who will meet and greet visitors and will help with the building upkeep and yardwork. It can be done once a week or once a month.
      • Kelsi will be at Santa Teresa Tues-Sat from 9-4. She may help at other parks. The interpretive staff is at half capacity. They 2 interpreters, 1 extra help, 1 coordinator, and 1 provisional. Kelsi's work email is
    • National Night Out (NNO), August 7, 5:00 pm:
      • The SJFD, SJPD, SCC Sheriff, and Sr. Ranger Frank Weiland will be coming. Sergio Jimenez and Mike Wasserman can't come. There will be a Water District truck with free water. Kelsi will be doing tours of the ranch house. Ashley Navas and Jesse Baptista from the Outdoor Rec. program will be helping with cattle roping and branding. Ashley speaks Spanish. Jesse speaks Portuguese. 
      • Mike will bring bean bag toss and sponge toss games. Jorge will bring a San Jose Search and Rescue vehicle. Steve Crockett will be helping direct handicap parking.
      • For crafts, Debi has 48 journals left for coloring. She has wooden dinosaurs that are ready to color.
      • For the raffle, Debi has a megaphone, tickets, and a ticket holder. Ron will ask Carrie Grisenti for park giveaways for raffle prizes. Debi has a BBQ toolset, water bottles, backpacks, footballs, domino games, and a walking stick. 
      • We'll have a thank you poster for the firefighters.
      • Mike will be getting to the ranch at around 3:00 to set up. Volunteers can arrive by 4.
      • Debi has 8 etched FOSTP glasses left out of 36 in the initial run. Debi has a laser etcher and can etch more.
    • Debi has 300 FOSTP patches. The company made them in B&W by mistake. They will send color replacements, but not in time for NNO. They cost $1.40 each, or $420 total.
    • Woody helped out after the Curie Fire on Bernal Road, telling people not to come into the park.
    • We have $2142.83 in the bank. We paid for the T-shirts, spent $50 for food, $200 for the UNSCC membership. $1551 will be spent. We'll have $600 left in the account. We got our liability insurance for NNO.
    • Our newsletter is done: Mike will bring copies to pass out at NNO.
    • County Parks Director Robb Courtney retired. Before he left, he cut back on the amount the Parks Dept. pays the Sheriff's Dept. for deputies patrolling the parks. He said it's too expensive paying for 16 deputies (3-shift coverage). They may relocate from Muriel Wright. We need to stay on top of this, as we were told the deputies would be staying at Muriel Wright when the Mental Health Program moves in.
    • Ron showed pictures: NNO posters around the park, graffiti at the Pueblo restroom and cleanup, construction still going on at the Muriel Wright Center, the Curie Fire and aftermath, widening of the Norred Trail, Santa Teresa Spring, the Joice Trail, cleanup at the Bernal Ranch, Coyote Peak.
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       Created 8/16/18 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park