Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 6/2/11

  • Attendees: Visitors Lawrence Keyte and Rob Frederickson. Regular members Maureen Kluska, Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Woody Collins, Sam Drake, Ron Horii
  • Account balance: $396.62
  • Ron showed pictures of the Pre-Mother's Day hike at the Stile Ranch/Fortini trails, emergency vehicles on the Mine Trail treating a sick hiker, pictures of wildflowers on the Rocky Ridge Trail, a message that someone wrote on the hills above Cottle Road, the Norred Trail, a benefit race and obstacle course at the Pueblo Area, the Calero Master Plan open house at the Golf Course Upper Clubhouse.
  • Mike sent the end of year tax filing to the California State Attorney General. It is a state requirement only.
  • CAP Grant
    • We appealed the CAP Grant and got $500.
    • Mike signed the MOU for the CAP Grant.
    • The UNSCC membership fee of $200 is due July 1.
    • Yahoo website fees are $162. We asked for $156.
    • We spent $60 for paper and ink
  • Maintenance supervisor Drew Merry is moving to Anderson. Dan Hill is coming in.
  • Sr. Ranger Aniko Millan requested that Hellyer maintenance take over Santa Teresa. The Hellyer rangers currently patrol Santa Teresa. Calero maintenance currently maintains Santa Teresa, Almaden Quicksilver, and Rancho San Vicente.
  • The old barn reconstruction date has been pushed back. It is currently on hold.
  • The Parks Dept. will inventory all the buildings in the parks and prioritize them for preservation/restoration. We're concerned about how they prioritize the Pyzak House.
  • Basim Jaber will give a talk on the Almaden Air Force Station on Mt. Umunhum at the Santa Teresa Library on June 16 at 6:00 pm. He will show pictures of the old Air Force buildings on top of the mountain.
  • Mike didn't have time to submit the design for the Coyote Peak interpretive sign in time to implement it this year. He wants to get a statement from the Muwekma's.
  • Newsletter: Mike has an article about the beginning of FOSTP. Maureen will write about our wildflower presentation at the library. Kitty will write about Adopt-a-Trail.
  • We talked about plans for cattle grazing at Santa Teresa. Cattle grazing needs to be properly managed. Cattle caused damage to trails at Grant and Coyote. Don Rocha got the cattle off of Ed Levin before they could cause damage. Cattle will be at the Rocky Ridge area in Santa Teresa.
  • The Gilroy Hot Springs tour will be on Juily 31. The tour will be 3 hours. We'll have a picnic. They have 2 picnic tables. We can soak in hot tubs for $50 if we help with the setup and teardown.
  • Festival in the Park will have 2 Friends of Parks booth next to each other.
  • Our next meeting will be August 4. There will be no meeting in July.
  • The 6/12 geocaching class at Santa Teresa has been cancelled. There will be a class on 8/16 at Almaden Quicksilver.
Created 7/26/11 by Ron Horii

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    Created 5/24/11  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park