Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 3/4/04

  • Meeting attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Holly Davis, Julie Gaffney, John Patterson, Mario Blaum, Debbie Falconio-Poras (Boy Scouts)
  • Trail Watch (Boy Scouts) has adopted the Ohlone Trail.
  • Elections: Holly Davis moved to re-elect the current officers. The motion was passed unanimously. Board directors:
    • President: Mike Boulland
    • Vice-President/County Representative: Kitty Monahan
    • Secretary/Web Master: Ronald Horii
    • Treasurer: Holly Davis
    • Events: Mario Blaum
    • Archives: Dorothy Wuss
    • Interpretive Events: Rick Leonard
  • Park Agreement: as long as our events are on the calendar, we have the approval of the parks department. Once we list a date on our calendar, we have official clearance. To get an event scheduled, we have to let Beeny, Henry, and John Patterson know. We need to call John Goldsworthy to make sure nothing else is going on. We also need to tell the senior ranger and the maintenance lead.
  • John Patterson report:
    • The volunteer groups did trail work. They spread mulch, weeded, built water bars.
    • Split-rail fencing will be added along the park road from Bernal Road to the Wright Center entrance to prevent off-road use.
    • IBM Maintenance does the trimming along Bernal Road in the park.
    • The bees were removed from the Buck Norred house.
    • Kids could do detail work on the house, but they cannot work up on ladders.
  • We talked about the fence along the Pyzak property where Curie narrows. The road narrowing is a hazard to bicyclists, especially during heavy commute traffic to Bernal School. There is nothing behind the wooden fence by the Pyzak House. It could be moved back a few feet to allow the road to be widened. The barbed wire along the field is no longer necessary and is a hazard. It could be moved back and replaced with barbless wire. We need to ask Joe Schultz about this.
  • Pyzak's: The corner lot at San Ignacio and Curie is intended to be a parking lot for the Bear Tree Lot and the Bernal Ranch. An interpretive center is planned to go into the back of the Pyzak Ranch. They may rebuild the adobe on the Bear Tree Lot. 
  • Holly wanted to know what kind of animals would be housed in the restored barn at the Bernal Ranch. Goats and pigs are planned. Holly said it might be better to put them behind Pyzak's. 4H could ask the neighbors.
  • Julie Gaffney: The office in the barn at the Mounted Ranger Unit leaks. There is a problem with the gutter. Old leach lines may be seeping up into the concrete. This is an OSHA safety issue. The office has no insulation. Water comes through cracks in the walls. They will be putting a 12'X40' modular unit on a graded area on the other side of the barn. It will have an office, locker, and break room. It is brown, like a school portable, but it could be painted. It will have electricity, but no plumbing. There is a bathroom and shower in the barn.
  • There's a mouse problem at the barn. They built barn owl boxes, which seems to be working.
  • Buck Norred's is not an official park entrance. A neighbor does not want the facility to be an entrance. 
  • Holly wants to bring girls to the Mounted Ranger Facility to sketch the horses (5/19 4-6 pm). 
  • Hours:
    • Kitty Monahan: 3
    • Holly Davis: 5
    • Ron Horii: 10
    • Mario Blaum: 10
    • Mike Boulland: 10
    • Debbie Falconio-Porras: 3
  • Holly: Mike wants to give $20 in memory of Mike Honda's late wife Jeanne Honda, who helped save park properties, to Abrego & Books. It's a scholarship by Rigo Chacon for the underprivileged to become teachers. Kitty proposes we ask the board next meeting to approve the donation. 
  • There's $623 left in the account.
  • Mike pays for the Website.
  • Holly and her neighbors want a fence up about 20 feet above the canal. They are concerned about liablity and noise. Mountain bikers go in and out of the canal. 
  • We are having a field trip at Grant Ranch on 3/6. We will be taking a tour of the ranch house. Meet at Grant at 10:00. If you need a ride, meet at Casa Grande in New Almaden at 8:45. They'll leave at 9:00. 
  • We would like liaisons from other volunteer groups to come to our meetings.
  • John Dorrance wants to start a heritage garden at the ranch. 4H is doing it. The person who handle the regular garden will handle it.
  • Debbie's scout group (227) adopted the Nature Trail. They started last summer. Debbie needs a parking pass.
  • The Boy Scouts will not be allowed to camp at the Pueblo area this year. If concerned, talk to Jeff Sewell.
  • Ron says we should see and review the plans for the Bernal Ranch, Pyzak, and Buck Norred areas at a future meeting.
  • Ron showed slideshows of the Laurel Canyon waterfall, wet conditions at Pueblo area, and the muddy Mine Trail entrance by the end of the corral. At Buck Norred's, he showed newly-painted buildings, including the lower floor of the ranch house, crews working on the grounds near the camp host's trailer, the volunteer trail above the canal, the canal itself and the fences on it, and the hills above the canal. He also showed pictures from the dedication of the new Guadalupe River Trail segment near Oakridge. 
Ronald Horii, 
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park 

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Created 4/16/2004 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park