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Santa Teresa Park

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The following are ideas for projects in Santa Teresa Park. This is a wishlist for future discussion, not a formal proposal.

Structure Preservation/Restoration

  • Old barn at the BGJ Ranch
  • Restore the kitchen at the BGJ Ranch house.
  • Pyzak Ranch house
  • Pyzak/Bonetti Ranch out-buildings
  • Pedro Bernal/Bonetti House
  • Rosetto House
  • Club 14E site
  • Buck Norred Ranch Buildings
    • Ranch house
    • Honeymoon cottage
    • Old barn behind the MRU
    • Old barn on the hill
    • Storage building
    • Metal-roofed pavilion
  • "Doors House"
  • Corral in the Pueblo Area
  • Old barn on the Fortini Trail

New Trails, Trail Modifications

  • Designate a Bay Area Ridge Trail route from Coyote Peak to the Ohlone Trail at the archery range.
  • Coyote-Alamitos Canal
    • Joice Trail to Santa Teresa Spring
    • Santa Teresa Spring to the Bonnetti Ranch
    • Norred Ranch to Bernal Road
    • Archery range to Santa Teresa Blvd (outside the park)
    • BGJ Ranch to Cottle Road (outside the park)
  • The Norred Trail down to the Bonetti Ranch.
  • The Norred Trail up to the Bernal Hill Loop Trail by the power lines.
  • Big Oak Valley (the Rocky Ridge Trail to the Coyote Peak Trail)
  • Old Bernal Road (maintain as official trail)
  • Service road above the golf course and archery range, loop down to the Ohlone Trail near the archery range.
  • Trench Hill to the Pueblo Area
  • Continue the Bernal Hill Loop Trail to Bernal Road near the Pueblo Area entrance.
  • Switchback the bottom of the Joice Trail
  • Extend the Nature Trail to the Hidden Springs Trail.
  • Loop the Nature Trail back on the other side of the ravine.
  • Trail using the fire break from the Hidden Springs Trail to the corral at the Pueblo Area.
  • See the trailsides with native wildflowers.
  • Improve the tread on the Pueblo Trail for cross-country running.
  • Bridge or rock-filled culvert on the creek crossing the Fortini Trail.

Property Acquisition/Easements

  • Lagatutta property on Rocky Ridge
  • Ranch roads in the hills behind IBM's Silicon Valley Lab on Bailey Road
  • Trail from the Coyote Peak Trail to the Lightfoot Stables by Calero
  • Trails on the PG&E and ranch service roads high up on the Santa Teresa Hills to Almaden Lake

Interpretive Additions

  • Viewing tubes, landmark guide on Coyote Peak
  • Historical plaque on the Battle of Santa Teresa
  • Plaque on the history of the Buck Norred Ranch
  • Fix, update the signs on the Nature Trail
  • Plaque at the marl mine site on the Mine Trail
  • Plaque at the Rancho San Vicente site on the Fortini Trail
  • Signs on the geology of the hills
  • Signs with pictures of wildflowers on Bernal Hill
  • Interpretive signs at the Bear Tree Lot on the Rancho Santa Teresa adobes
  • Reconstruct adobe buildings at the Bear Tree Lot
  • Livestock at the BGJ Ranch Old Barn
  • Longer hours, after-school programs, more multi-cultural events at the BGJ Ranch.
  • New developments at the Pyzak/Bonetti Ranch:
    • Nature museum
    • Gift shop (like New Almaden)
    • Community meeting room
    • Place for FOSTP HQ.
    • Garden
    • Orchard

Maintenance/Facilities Upgrades

  • Repair/replace fence arond the Bonetti Ranch on San Ignacio.
  • Widen Curie Drive, add bike lane and walking path along Pyzak/Bonetti ranches.
  • Remove decrepit structures on the Bonetti and Pyzak ranches.
  • Remove old barbed wire fences next to trails.
  • Fix/replace the picnic tables at the Stile/Fortini trail entrance.
  • Complete the split rail fencing on Manila Drive.
  • Install security cameras by Santa Teresa Spring.
  • Restroom, drinking fountain on Coyote Peak.
  • Restroom, drinking fountain at the Stile/Fortini trail entrance.
  • Limited-time parking at the Bear Tree Lot.
  • Signs outside the park pointing to the BGJ Ranch.
  • Sign on Manila Drive and Manila Way pointing to the Albertson Parkway.

Created 10/05/07, updated 11/21/09 by Ronald Horii