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Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve Grand Opening, 6/27/15

After many years in the making, the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve was opened to the public by the Open Space Authority of Santa Clara Valley (OSA) on 6/27/15. The preserve covers 348 acres, 0.54 square miles, in the northern part of the 7,400-acre Coyote Valley. It was purchased in 2010 for $3.5 million from investors who had originally planned to build luxury housing on the land. Those plans fell through during the downturn in the economy and collapse of the housing market. The investors sold the land for a fraction of its value as developable land. Since the time the OSA purchased the property, it has only been open for special events, such as the Coyote Valley Family Farm Feast and guided hikes. Today was the grand opening celebration, with information booths, displays, games, and crafts for kids. There were speeches praising the preservation of the land for public benefit. Afterwards, there were guided hikes of the new 4-mile Arrowhead Loop Trail, though many hiked it on their own. There were also a few bikers and equestrians on the trail. Next year, an all-access trail will be built around the flat meadow of the preserve.

There are big rolls of hay in the flat meadow. In the distance is where the opening ceremonies will be held.

This is the entrance to the preserve, with paved parking, unpaved equestrian trailer parking, a restroom, and a picnic area.

This is the mapboard at the trailhead. Note that dogs are not allowed in the preserve, to protect the wildlife.

Near the trailhead is a serpentine-covered hill, which gets covered with wildflowers in the spring.

There's a picnic area mid-way along the Heart's Delight Trail. Across the meadow area are serpentine-topped hills.

There's a temporary picnic area near the opening ceremony site.

The ceremony site is on the other side of the cattle fence. The banner is for the trail ribbon-cutting. The sign announces 2 docent-led hikes. The first will cover the entire 4-mile trail. The second will be a 2-mile out-and-back hike on the first part of the trail.

The trailhead for the Arrowhead Trail is on the left. The opening ceremony site is ahead.

Booths are being set up.

The OSA's booth is on the end.

As I was approaching the ceremony site, docents Tom and Beth pointed out there were golden eagles flying above. I saw a pair of them flying above the hills, so I rushed over there.

The eagles were hunting along the hills. Before I could switch to a telephoto lens, they headed over the hills towards Calero and disappeared.

I took a few telephoto shots from the meadow. This is a view looking towards Mt. Hamilton on the left.

This is a view looking towards Coyote Ridge, where the OSA gives spring wildflower hikes.

OSA staff and docents are setting up the seating area for the ceremonies.

OSA director Mike Flaugher checks out the OSA's booth.

Docent Mike Hundt cleans up the area around the booths.

OSA Assistant General Manager (left) talks to County Parks Trails Manager Greg Bringelson (right). Greg and his crew are working on new trails at Calero County Park, just over the hill. Trails may connect Coyote Valley OSP to Calero someday.

The Sheriff's deputies are here.

Here come the visitors.

Here's one of the activities booths, with nature specimens.

More people arrive, including Garnetta Annable (in white), member of the OSA's Citizens Advisory Committee.

The Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center (WERC) of Morgan Hill brought their "bird ambassadors." These are birds that are too injured to release, so they are brought to events for educational purposes. This is a little pygmy owl.

This is a great horned owl.

This is a western screech owl.

On the left is a red-tailed hawk. On the right is a barn owl.

Discover Coyote Valley has a map of agriculture in the Coyote Valley.

Discover Coyote Valley has examples of produce grown in the valley.

This is the Committee for Green Foothills, which is dedicated to open space preservation.

This is a turkey vulture.

A memory card game and prizes.

Visitors got shopping bags, maps, and other information at the OSA's booth.

External Affairs Manager Marc Landgraf (left) talks with State Senator Jim Beall (center).

Teri Rogoway, the OSA's Educational Programs Coordinator, leads the kids in clay art crafts.

Some people are already checking out the new trail, including the first equestrians.

View of the ceremony area from the trail.

  Visiting officials include Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez (center).

Santa Clara County Parks Director Robb Courtney talks with Open Space Authority officials.

OSA's General Manager Andrea Mackenzie talks with the guests.

The crowd gathers to listen to the talks.

General Manager Andrea Mackenzie greets the audience and welcomes them to the dedication event. She acknowledges and thanks the public officials for coming.

Chairman of the OSA's Board of Directors, Mike Potter serves as MC and introduces the speakers.

State Senator Jim Beall is the first guest speaker. He talks about the open space lands surrounding the Santa Clara Valley and the efforts to protect them. 2 of his former staff members, Mike Potter and Sequoia Hall, are on the OSA's Board of Directors.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo: The preserve is in the southernmost part of San Jose. He thanks all the people who helped protect the open spaces in the Coyote Valley.

Jose Gonzalez, Founder and Director of Latino Outdoors, talks about the importance of open spaces and agricultural land to the Latino community.

San Jose District 2 City Councilmember Ash Kalra: Coyote Valley OSP is in his district, along with OSA headquarters. He campaigned against development in the Coyote Valley when he was running for office.

Valentine Lopez, President of the Amah-Mutsun Land Trust talks about how his people have lived on the land in the Coyote Valley for over 10,000 years and gives a traditional blessing of the land.

Dana Litwin and Teri Rogoway prepare for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Arrowhead Trailhead. Below are pictures of the ribbon-cutting and the audience watching:

Paul Billig waits to see who wants to go on the inaugural hike of the entire Arrowhead Trail. For pictures of this hike, see the Arrowhead Trail hike page.

This is the sign at the entrance to the preserve.

Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve is at the west end of Palm Avenue. To get there from the north, take the Bailey Avenue exit from 101. Turn left on Santa Teresa Blvd. Turn right on Palm Avenue to the preserve entrance. To get there from Morgan Hill and points south, take 101 to Cochrane. Go west to Monterey Road. Turn right. Turn left on Palm Avenue. Follow it to the end.

Created by Ronald Horii, 7/13/15