California Trail Day
Santa Teresa Park - 4/20/02


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On California Trail Day, April 20, 2002, volunteers gathered at Santa Teresa County Park to help restore parts of the Ohlone Trail and Laurel Canyon Nature Trail. In the morning, volunteers signed in at the Pueblo Day Use Area. Park vans shuttled them down to the entrance of the Ohlone Trail at Bernal Road near the Santa Teresa Golf Course. Park ranger Mark Violette and volunteer Roy Ichinaga talked about how to restore the trails and showed how to use the tools. The work crews walked up to the Nature Trail. They first cleared away weeds from parts of the trail, and filled in eroded ruts in the trail. They went farther up the trail near the waterfall and widened it out in places. Later, a crew of elementary school students showed up. They formed a line and passed rocks along to fill in the trail ruts. They went back and got shovels and covered the rocks with dirt from loose areas of earth that had been dug up by wild pigs. After they were done, the trail was tamped down and smoothed out. Other volunteers worked on other parts of the trail, clearing weeds and pulling out concrete from an old signpost. Around noon, the volunteers had a barbecue lunch back at the Pueblo Area. Everyone had a good time, and the trail looks much better.

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