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Ohlone Trail Work Day, 4/20/02

Ohlone Trail Work Day, 4/26/03

Rocky Ridge Trail Day 4/10/04

Stile Ranch Trail Day, 1/8-9/05

Fortini Trail Work Day, 5/3/08

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Santa Teresa and Nearby Park Pictures

Santa Teresa Park Wildflowers, Spring 2002

Mine, Fortini, Stile Ranch Wildflowers, 4/11/08

Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge Wildflowers, Feb-Apr. '08

Coyote Ridge Wildflowers, 4/13/08

Almaden Quicksilver Wildflowers and Views, Spring 2008, Part 2

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Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge, Feb-April '08

Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Stile, 5/4/08

Outdoor Photography Class/Wildflower Walk, Bernal Ranch/Hill 4/4/09

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Pre-Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 5/3/09

Healthy Trails Walk, Fortini-Stile Ranch, 5/9/09

Mounted Ranger Unit Farewell Event 6/29/09

Family Fandango, 8/1/09

Ghost Tour of Santa Teresa and Almaden, 10/17/09

Santa Teresa Park Sunset HDR Pictures 2/7/10

Pre-Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 5/2/10

Santa Teresa Park Sunset Pictures, 5/21, 5/27/10

Family Fandango 2010

Outdoor Photography Class, Bernal Ranch, 10/2/10


Santa Teresa Park

Stile Ranch Trail Work Day

November 5, 2016

On November 5, 2016, REI and the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council sponsored trail work days all around the Bay Area. Volunteers met at the Pueblo Picnic Area. These are pictures from the work day.

Sign-in and information tables at the trailhead for the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, REI, and the County Parks.

Trail crew members at the County Parks' sign-in table.

At the Bay Area Ridge Trail table.

Frank Weiland (left), acting manager of the County Parks volunteer program, with docent Kitty Monahan.

County Parks Trails Manager Greg Bringelson talks about the trails in the park.

Kitty and Bonnie were handling the lunch.

REI wrote a big check to the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council.

Trail crew member Eric talks about the work that needs to be done.

Volunteers pick up tools and gloves.

The group heads up the switchbacks of the Stile Ranch Trail.

The volunteers climb up the many switchbacks of the trail.

Crews head up the hill to the next site.

At the crest of the trail.

The next work site is down in the valley. The east-facing slopes and valley floor have heavy clay soil and are easily eroded.

Erosion on this part of the trail  can turn it into a narrow gutter. Crews are widening and sloping the trail to prevent this.

View of the work day from across the valley.

Work done, volunteers head back.

Lunch after the trail day.

Burritos were donated by Chipotle.

REI had a raffle.

This weekend, Trail Head Cyclery was holding their annual Fall Dirt Demo. Mountain bikes by several manufacturers were provided to rent to try out on the trails. Many mountain bikers were using the trail we had worked on.

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