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Santa Teresa Park

Stile Ranch Trail, January 29, 2011

These pictures were taken just before sunset on January 29, 2011 at the Stile Ranch Trail in Santa Teresa County Park. They begin at the Stile Ranch Trailhead at San Vicente Avenue near Fortini Road in the South Almaden Valley in San Jose. The Stile Ranch Trail ascends the steep hill in a series of switchbacks, 4 to the left and 4 to the right. It then follows along the side of the hill and passes through a stone wall.  It turns left, then continues to ascend the hill. At that point, I turned around.

The weather had been overcast and cloudy most of the day, but just before sunset, the clouds started to break up, with a few rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds. I thought I might get some nice sunset pictures. I had plenty of sunset pictures from the Rancho Santa Teresa side of the park, but few on the Almaden Valley side. I went to the Stile Ranch Trail and ascended the switchbacks with my SLR and tripod.

The pictures below are reduced in size to about 800X600 pixels. To see a larger version, around 1440X1080 pixels, click on each picture. They are all high-dynamic range images, made from 3-6 shots, taken at different exposures to capture the wide range of light and shadow. They were combined together using Photomatix Pro, then edited with Photoshop Elements 9.

At the trailhead, looking along the base of the hills towards the Calero Creek Trailhead.

View from the lower switchbacks, looking towads the Calero Creek Trail, which starts at the end of San Vicente Avenue below.

View looking towards the parking lot, the trailhead, the Fortini Trail, San Vicente Avenue, and Fortini Road.

Looking towards the parking lot. In the background, the peak right of center is in Rancho San Vicente, the newest addition to Calero County Park.

View from the middle switchbacks. Fortini Road is on the left. McKean Road runs below the hills. The entrance to Rancho San Vicente is off McKean Road just left of the end of Fortini Road.

View looking down at the corner of San Vicente Avenue, where it becomes a private road. In the background are the grass-covered hills of Rancho San Vicente. Behind them on the right are the tree-covered hills of Almaden Quicksilver County Park.

Same direction as above, but looking down the Stile Ranch Trail.

View of the Calero Creek Trailhead from high up on the switchbacks. The land is part of the South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve.

Above the switchbacks, the trail heads ascends gradually along the side of the hill towards a stone wall.

Looking back towards the switchbacks.

The hill above the switchbacks.

Looking down the stone wall towards

Looking through the rock wall at the switchbacks.

Looking through the rock wall at the hill above the switchbacks.

Looking back towards the rock wall and switchbacks.

View looking south down the trail. In the background McKean Road heads towards Calero Dam. I turned around just above here.

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