Stile Ranch Trail Workday
Santa Teresa Park - 1/8-9/05



Santa Teresa Park

County Parks


On a rainy Saturday morning on January 8, 2005, over 2 dozen volunteers of all ages gathered at the Stile Ranch trailhead off Fortini and San Vicente Roads in the Almaden Valley. The Stile Ranch Trail is one of the most spectacular and popular trails in Santa Teresa County Park, but it is one of the most challenging to maintain. It begins by ascending up a steep, rocky hillside in a series of switchbacks. This part of the trail is particularly problematic because of the steep slopes, which cause rapid erosion. Parts of the trail were deeply eroded. As the trail goes up the hill, it becomes increasingly rocky. The higher parts of the trail are bare, exposed rock, the loose dirt having been washed downhill. Because the trail switches back so many times, changes in drainage higher up on the trail can affect the lower parts of the trail. The lower parts of the trail were very muddy, making footing difficult. County Parks rangers and trail leads showed the volunteers what needed to be done. The work involved smoothing out the rougher parts of the trail, improving drainage, and out-sloping the softer areas. The trail crew worked hard until noon on Saturday. They continued working on Sunday morning, when the weather was dryer. The pictures below are from Saturday.
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