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Coyote Peak and Santa Teresa Hills above an industrial park near Santa Teresa BlvdCoyote Peak stands like a sentinel guarding the southern gate to the Silicon Valley in South San Jose. It dominates the ridge of the Santa Teresa Hills and greets visitors approaching the Bay Area from the south. The peak is part of the mostly wild and undeveloped lands protected by Santa Teresa County Park. Santa Teresa, which covers 1,627 acres, may not be the biggest of the Santa Clara County Parks, but no other county park offers such vast undeveloped wildlands so close to so many homes, shopping centers, and high-tech businesses. IBM's and HGST's labs and factories are adjacent to or a short distance away from the park. The end of the VTA Light Rail line is also a short distance away, a few blocks from Kaiser San Jose Hospital. For thousands of workers and residents, a short walk or bike ride into Santa Teresa Park can take them into shady oak forests with creeks and waterfalls, across wildflower-covered hills populated by deer, coyotes, and wild turkeys, and up steep rocky ridges with panoramic views of the Bay Area. For those immersed in the fast-paced, high-pressure lifestyle of Silicon Valley, a walk in the woods here can be a therapeutic stress-reliever, as well as providing life-extending aerobic exercise.  For city-raised children, it allows them to experience nature live and close up. It's also a good place for companies, families, and youth groups to have picnics in the outdoors, seemingly a world away from the crowded city. 

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The Friends of Santa Teresa Park is the volunteer organization that supports the park. Santa Teresa Park is a wonderful and valuable local and regional recreational resource. Volunteers have been important to maintaining the park, building new trails, and helping to plan its future. 

I am the secretary for the Friends of Santa Teresa Park and Webmaster for their Website. See their Website for more pictures of the park, including tours, news, meeting information, and volunteer events. 

Note that these pages were originally created in 1999-2000. The text and links have been updated, but not the pictures. See the Friends of Santa Teresa Park's home page for links to recent pictures.

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