Coyote Peak Views February 2003

Coyote Peak is one of the best viewpoints in the Bay Area on a clear day. I've always claimed you could see all the way to San Francisco, but proving it requires an exceptionally clear day. The clearest days are in winter. Here are some views from the peak, taken in February 2003.

This is the viewpoint on the top of Coyote Peak, looking towards the Bay. The Santa Teresa neighborhood is below. Downtown San Jose is in the center. The view extends all the way to San Francisco on the left and Oakland on the right. The mountains on the horizon are Mt. San Bruno, Mt. Tamalpais, Angel Island, and the Mission Peak range:

My digital camera only has a 3X zoom. To see distance shots better, I needed a stronger telephoto, so I used my digital video camcorder, which has a 20X zoom. This is a still shot from my camcorder at moderate zoom. You can see San Jose's Communication Hill in the center, the high-rise buildings of San Jose and Santa Clara just behind it, and the even-taller buildings of San Francisco in the background:

This is a maximum-zoom camcorder shot of the skyscrapers of San Francisco across the Bay from Santa Clara in the foreground. Great America is on the center right. The wind was howling on Coyote Peak at the time, making it difficult to take a steady, clear shot.

This is a full-zoom view of downtown Oakland:

This is a view looking towards the Santa Teresa Golf Course, Hwy 85, Edenvale, and the Mission Peak range. The IBM (now Hitachi) plant is on left. The Basking Ridge subdivision is on the right at the foot of the hills. The round track at the center right is at Los Paseos Park.  Immediately below is the Coyote Peak Trail winding up to the peak. It joins the Hidden Springs Trail, which continues off to the left. A tiny piece of Bernal Road can be seen on the left center:

This is a view looking east across Parkway Lakes and Hwy 101 to Mt. Hamilton:

This is a view looking south. The hills and flatlands in the foreground up to Bailey Road belong to IBM. Santa Teresa Blvd. runs diagonally on the left to Morgan Hill.

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Created 2/8/2003 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park