Ranch Spirit Day
Santa Teresa County Park
August 25, 2007

El Grito de la Cultura Dancers, photo by Grace Blaum


Santa Teresa Park

County Parks

Ranch Spirit Day was held on August 25, 2007 at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch in Santa Teresa County Park. It was the second time such an event took place at the ranch. Last year, was Founder's Day Fandango, which commemorated the founding of Rancho Santa Teresa. This year's event commemorated the area's ranching traditions. It look place in the evening, starting at 6 pm, so it would be cooler time of day. The weather was perfect. Hand-made Mexican food was provided by Leticia Gonzalez. The event was organized and hosted by county parks interpreter Jan Shriner. Deputy parks director Joe Schultz welcomed the attendees. Justice Paul Bernal, a direct descendent of the Bernal Family who originally founded Rancho Santa Teresa, talked about his family's and the ranch's history. Patrick Joice, whose family once lived and worked on the ranch talked about his experiences. The young El Grito de la Cultura dancers, led by Elena Robles performed traditional Mexican dances. Bilingual storyteller Olga Loya played the part of early settler Juana Briones and told about her life and times. Near the ranch house, there was an exhibit about efforts to save the Juana Briones house in San Jose. Also, the National Parks Service had a display on the De Anza National Trail. There were tables for crafts and ranch bingo. Behind the barn, 4H was showing their chickens and were passing out seeds. New Almaden blacksmith Chuck Ferrier had a forge and was demonstrating his blacksmithing skills by making metal leaves. In the field behind the barn, there were wooden cattle for calf-roping and simulated branding. Later in the day, Julie Gaffney from the Mounted Ranger Unit rode her horse in and answered questions. Over 160 people attended, including volunteers and park staff. Dancing went on after dark. The event ended at 9:00. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Mike Boulland looking at the the Juana Briones House exhibit, being set up by Jeanne Farr McDonnell

Dancers practicing

Setting up for food

Frank Martinez IV, dressed as a Spanish soldier, with daughter Laurel.

Mercedes Perez, Jan Shriner, Lupe Avila, and Vasona's Sr. Ranger Aniko Millan.

In the background: Ed Jackson, Robin Schaut, Jim O'Connor

Park Rangers Gina Ellis and Ryan Lugo from Hellyer County Park were helping an injured bicyclist on the steep Joice Trail, with Dorene Boulland providing back support.

Kitty Monahan and Chris Carson

Dancers coming through the barn

Mike leading a tour of the historic area

Margaret Styles, National Parks Service interpreter, exhibit on the De Anza Trail

Exhibit on the Juana Briones House, by the Friends of Juana Briones with Jeanne Farr McDonnell, Corri Jimenez, and Ruben Abrica

Paul Bernal, Patrick Joice, Mike Boulland

Jan Shriner addressing the crowd

Joe Schultz, deputy parks director

Jan Shriner

Paul Bernal

Patrick Joice

Elena Robles and El Grito de la Cultura

Olga Loya as Juana Briones

Olga Loya

Leticia Gonzalez serving Mexican food

Cattle roping

Chuck Ferrier, blacksmith

Making metal leaves

College intern Kenneth Sarra and Chris Carson help the kids with simulated cattle branding

Making cattle brands

4H garden planting exhibit

4H chickens

Moonrise over Bernal Hill

Jenel Vincze and ranch bingo

Phyllis Carrasco and Diana Gaspar-Oliver provided the crafts table. Intern Gina Italiano is helping the kids here.

Mounted ranger Julie Gaffney rode her horse in and answered questions

Dressing as a soldier in the DeAnza party

Holly Davis and John Dorrance

Confetti egg flowers

Confetti egg flowers

Dot Wilson, Patrick Joice and family in the ranch house, in which he grew up.


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Happy birthday to Joe Schultz
A Mexican folk song
A Mexican folk song

Dancers Dancers

Dancers Dancers Olga Loya as Juana Briones


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