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Outdoor Photography Class and Hike, Mummy Mountain Trail, Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear County Park, 4/7/12

On April 7, 2012, docent Ron Horii gave an outdoor photography class at the Mendoza Ranch Staging Area at Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear Ranch County Park in Gilroy. He was assisted by Mike Boulland, Elaine Drake, and son Chris Horii. Chris took some of the pictures below (indicated by "CH"). See the links on the left for more information on outdoor photograhy and pictures of previous classes. Ron has been giving outdoor photography classes for several years. Fall classes usually involve a Powerpoint slideshow in the Bernal Ranch Barn at Santa Teresa Park, followed by a short outdoor walk. Spring classes involve a shorter talk and wildflower walk. This was Ron's second class on the Mummy Mountain Trail. It is one of the most scenic trails in the park, with a wide variety of terrain, panoramic views on both sides of the ridge, wildflowers, and interesting sights along the trail.

Ron sets up his presentation in the parking lot, using his car to block the wind. CH

The big barrier in the parking lot provides seating for the class. In the background, a work crew cuts weeds by the fence. CH

Ron gives a presentation, with pictures from his Powerpoint slideshow, held up by Mike Boulland. CH

Ron talks about different types of outdoor photography. CH

A horse is also interested in the photo class. CH

The class looks through 3D movie glasses during the demo on polarizing filters. 3D glasses, used backwards, act the same as polarizers used for photography. They can darken the sky, emphasize clouds, remove glare, intensify colors, and cut through haze. CH

Ron talks about his high dynamic range (HDR) pictures of Santa Teresa Park. CH

At the start of the Mendoza Trail, Ron points out wildflowers. CH

At the junction of the Mendoza and Coyote Ridge Trails, Ron points out that the Coyote Ridge Trail is the start of the southeastern leg of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and runs all the way through the park. CH

The wide Mendoza Trail gradually ascends the hill.

On the hillside to the left of the Mendoza Trail is the new Rancho La Polka Trail.

At the trail junction, Ron points out the new Rancho La Polka Trail. CH

The group gathers at the Mummy Mountain Trail junction. The Rancho La Polka Trail runs around the hill in the background. CH

The benches and interpretive sign holder are at the start of the Mummy Mountain Trail. Gilroy is in the background. The ridge is called Mummy Mountain because in profile, it looks like a reclining mummy. This part of the trail is along the mummy's legs.

The trail goes under a tree and over a bridge.

The group crosses over the bridge.

This part of the trail runs through a shady forest, with dappled lighting.

Ron points out the sandstone cliffs. CH

The group passes by and stops to take pictures of the massive sandstone cliff, pockmarked with tiny caves.

The boulders in this shady area are covered with moss and ferns.

Lichens and dudleya cover the top of the cliffs.

Trees arch over this section of the trail.

Out in the clearing, we discover the brushy root of a soaproot plant, which was dug up by wild pigs. CH

The trail ascends the hill around the edge of the clearing. CH

The group ascends the hill.

The trail runs through this open forest before it reaches the ridgetop.

Coyote Lake can be seen through a break in the trees.

The trail reaches the top of the ridge, with panoramic views of the Gilroy area.

A lone poppy is growing by a rock. CH

This is a closeup of the poppy. CH

The groups stops at the top of the hill to look at the view and wildflowers. CH

This patch of sunflowers is on the hill overlooking San Martin and Gilroy.

Closeup of the sunflowers. CH

Mike Boulland points out the sights.

Closeup of a brodiaea.

Closeup of spring vetch.

This is a fuchsia-flowered gooseberry bush.

Closeup of the fuchsia-flowered gooseberry. CH

A huge ancient bay laurel tree is on top of the hill.

This is a view from the hill looking back towards the south end of the park. The hills on the left are part of Plassou Open Space Preserve. Coyote Creek originates in nearby Henry Coe State Park and flows along the base of those hills into Coyote Lake.

The trail heads into a rocky area.

Just before the highpoint of the trail, an opening in the trees, next to a steep dropoff yields a spectacular view of Coyote Lake.

The south end of Coyote Lake and the campground are below here.

A picnic bench near the summit provides a good place for a rest stop, with views of the lake. CH

As it reaches the summit, the trail gets narrow and rocky, with views to the west.

At the mummy's "neck," the trail runs down this steep section of the hill on a hand-cut stone staircase.

Chris Horii on the stone steps.

From here are views of northeastern section of the park, criscrossed with trails.

Sunflowers on the hill above the trail.

The trail makes a steep descent, with views of the marsh at the south end of Coyote Lake.

The trail emerges from trees into a clearing. The trees make a natural frame for pictures.

The trail turns just before the "head" of the mummy.

With the views in the background, this is a good photo op spot. CH

The northern part of the Mummy Mountain Trail has the most wildflowers, though it is a few weeks before the peak. These are bably blue eyes and buttercups on the hillside.

Ferms cover the hillside on this shady section.

The trail descends this steep hillside on switchbacks. CH

At the end of Mummy Mountain, the Mendoza Trail runs below. The new Gaviota Trail runs across the opposite hill. The Coyote Ridge Trail is on the left and intersects both trails.

This hillside above the trail near its northen end will be thick with wildflowers in a few weeks. Now there are a few Chinese houses.

At the trail junction, Ron points out different possibilities for further hiking or returning. CH

This is the Mendoza Trail, which runs along the west side of Mummy Mountain. It rises up the hillside, with constant views of Morgan Hill, San Martin, and Gilroy. CH

Closeup of johnny jump-ups. CH

This is the Coyote Ridge Trail, which is the shorter and flatter way back to the staging area.

Along the Coyote Ridge Trail is a rest area and a memorial to a family killed in a plane crash on the hillside above this spot.

The Coyote Ridge Trail is forested on both sides.

Suncups near the trailhead.

Blue-eye grass, checkerblooms, and filaree.

Cattle rest and graze on the hill near the Mendoza Ranch staging area at the end of the hike.

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