Ohlone, Hidden Springs Trails June 5, 2008

The following pictures were taken during hikes on June 5, 2008 at noon and in the evening. They show the conditions of part of the Ohlone and Hidden Springs Trails. The noon hike started at the park entrance on Bernal Road, followed the Ohlone Trail to the Hidden Springs Trail, and ended just before the Hidden Springs Trail ascends and turns down into the Pueblo Area. The evening hike started at the service road entrance behind the Santa Teresa Golf Course Driving Range, and followed the Ohlone Trail to the Nature Trail.

Approaching the Ohlone Trail

Access trail to the Ohlone Trail from Bernal Road

Coyote Alamitos Canal

Causeway crosses the Coyote-Alamitos Canal leading to the junction between the upper and lower parts of the Ohlone Trail.

The Upper Ohlone Trail

The start of the Ohlone Trail leading uphill, paralleling Bernal Road.

  Bicyclist on Bernal Road, hikers on the Coyote-Alamitos Canal (technically trespassing on Water District property).

The trail goes in and out of oak forests.

The trail is slightly out-sloped on the hillsides to allow water to flow across it in sheets, rather than the down the middle and forming trenches.

Bicyclist heading down the trail.

Brush and grass have been cleared from the sides of the trail.

Trail leading downhill into a cool forest.

Crossing the Old Bernal Road pavement. A groove channels the water from Hidden Springs across the road.

Trail leading uphill just past Old Bernal Road. It is slightly entrenched as it goes up the hill.

Bicyclist heading uphill. The trail is slightly eroded.

Last part of the Ohlone Trail before the Hidden Springs Trail junction.

Hidden Springs Trail

The shady part of the Hidden Springs Trail near the hidden spring.

The Hidden Springs Trail approaching Old Bernal Road. The trail is a double-track, but the clear area is single-track.

The Hidden Springs Trail just past Old Bernal Road. Thistles have been cleared from the left side of the trail.

Thistles growing on the edge of the Hidden Springs Trail, with budding thistles popping up in the middle of the trail.

The Hidden Springs Trail just before the uphill climb and the right turn to the Pueblo Area. This is the turn-around point.

Looking back at the thistles on the trail, just above Old Bernal Road.

Lower Ohlone Trail

Service road gate behind the Santa Teresa Golf Course Driving Range. The road leads to the Ohlone Trail.

For a short distance, the Ohlone Trail is a double-track road leading to the Coyote Peak Trail.

The start of the single-track Ohlone Trail after it branches west off the Coyote Peak Trail.

The trail drops down into a small gully past stands of poison oak.

The trail goes through a cool oak woodland.

As the trail emerges from the woods, grass and weeds narrow it.

The trail ascending a hill has been eroded into a trench.

As the trail ascends another hill, the trail has some erosion-caused entrenchment. It has water bars to divert the rainwater off the trail.

A bicyclist passes by on the trail. Until last year, the trail was closed to bikes.

The trail has become very narrow due to grass and wild mustard.

More grass and mustard.

Thick stands of poison oak surround the trail.

The trail is narrow and entrenched as it goes downhill.

The trail passes by more tall grass and mustard.

The trail in a relatively clear area just before the Nature Trail.

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Created by Ronald Horii, June 5, 2008