Santa Teresa Community Fair 9/22/01

Here are some pictures from the Santa Teresa Community Fair held at George Page Park on 9/22/01, sponsored by the Santa Teresa Citizens Action Group. The Friends of Santa Teresa were there with a booth. We had pictures of the park and volunteer activities, information about the history of the park, and a petition about the parking fees at the park. 

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Mike Boulland is passing out literature and telling visitors about Santa Teresa Park.

Rick and Holly man the booth. The displays are on Santa Teresa Park and ghostly sightings in the area.

Mike and Rick talk to visitors.

This is a display with pictures of Santa Teresa Park Below is a model of the Bear Tree, with a bull and bear chained to the tree. (The Bear Tree Lot is on Curie Drive near Radko Drive.)

Kids from Mike Boulland's 4th grade class at Baldwin School did a presentation about the legend of the "Moose Tree" on the Santa Teresa Hills.

Other kids in Mike's class did a presentation on "When I was young in Santa Teresa."

The Santa Clara County Parks department had a booth. They had pictures and maps of some of the county parks.

The County Parks Mounted Patrol unit brought their horses.

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Created 9/25/01 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park