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Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear Ranch County Park,
Mummy Mountain Trail Day and Opening Hike, 4/24/10

Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear Ranch is one of the largest of the Santa Clara County Parks at 4,595 acres. The size of the park was greatly increased in recent years with the additions of the Harvey Bear and Mendoza Ranches. The County Parks has been building miles of trails in the park. The latest and most spectacular is the Mummy Mountain Trail. It climbs up to the highest point in the park and offers panoramic views of the area. It is called Mummy Mountain because the profile of the ridge looks like a mummy lying on its back. The legs of the mummy are to the south. The chest is in the middle, and the head is to the north.  The picture below, taken from outside the park, shows the parts of the mummy.

Many trail work days have been held to build the trail. The final work day and the official opening was held on 4/24/10, as an Earth Day event. These are pictures from that day. It began at the Mendoza Ranch staging area and trailhead on Roop Road.

Greg Bringelson, head of the County Parks Trail program, gives an introductory talk at the tool trailer and introduces Kate Martin from One Brick.

The group heads down the start of the Mendoza Trail.

The new bridge over a small, steep ravine.

The south end of the Mummy Mountain Trail begins off the southwest corner of the Mendoza Trail. In the background is Roop Road, the southern border of the park. It is 2.1 miles from this point to the north end of the Mummy Mountain Trail.

Trail leader Sam Drake brings a wheelbarrow to the work site from the start of the Mummy Mountain Trail.

Volunteer Curt brings up another wheelbarrow from the work site.

Volunteers work on coating the new wooden bridge.

The volunteers dig up the loose dirt on the trail near the bridge.

The volunteers pile the heavy clay dirt into wheelbarrows.

Trail crewmember Eric McFarland brings a load of gravel.

Volunteers collect loose dirt on the steep slope in buckets.

Hauling the loose dirt in wheelbarrows.

Spreading and tamping down the gravel near the bridge footing.

Trail crewmember Geoff Faulkner uses a vibra-plate to pack down and smooth out the gravel.

The loads of loose dirt are dumped in the trench along the side of the trail near the trailhead.

Trail crewmember Tom Gould drives the Sweco bulldozer, moving dirt up from the side of the trail, which the volunteers collect and move by wheelbarrow.

Nearly done on the bridge.

Geoff smooths the gravel at the other footing of the bridge.

Eric and a volunteer work on the trail east of the bridge.

A group of the volunteers takes the first guided hike of the new trail, led by Deputy Park Director Jim O'Connor (center with hat).

The first part of the trail runs nearly level through shady forests, which include oaks, buckeyes, elderberries, and bay laurels.

The trail approaches a rocky area.

Passing by a huge sandstone cliff.

The cliff is pockmarked with tiny caves.

Sandstone rocks line the trail, while bay laurels provide shade.

As the trail emerges from the forest, there's a picnic table at the edge of a sunny meadow.

View looking back to the southeast at the Mendoza Ranch entrance.

The trail makes a big semi-circular switchback as it ascends the hill.

The trail ascends through a shady section. Volunteers here pulled weeds and planted native grasses, protected by straw.

Sunflowers on the hill

The trail emerges back into sunlight and runs along the top of the ridge.

View looking back towards the east. The Coyote Ridge Trail crosses the meadow below. The south end of Coyote Lake is at the base of the steep ridge in the background. That ridge is owned by the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority. On the far right is Roop Road, which leads to Henry Coe State Park.

Looking southeast towards the Mendoza Ranch parking lot and entrance.

The trail approaches the summit.

Hiking group posing near the summit, overlooking Coyote Lake.

Picnic table near the summit, overlooking Coyote Lake.

One last climb to the summit, passing by heavy equipment used to build the trail.

Looking west from the summit towards San Martin.

Walking along the summit, which forms the "chest" of the mummy. The high point of the trail is at about 1350 feet. Beyond here, the trail descends the steep hillside.

Stone steps descend this steep section of trail.

Looking north along the hills, most of which are in the park. Beyond is San Martin, Morgan Hill, and the Coyote Valley.

Heading down the trail.

The trail runs down along the east side of the hill. In the background is a view of Coyote Creek flowing into the marsh at the south end of Coyote reservoir.

The trail emerges from a grove of trees, with views of the valley to the west. It descends to the "neck" of the mummy.

The trail passes around the base of a small hill, which forms the "head" of the mummy.

View of the campground and the marsh at the south end of Coyote Lake.

The trail runs north along the east side of the hill, with views of Coyote Lake. It wraps around the hill and goes down one last switchback.

Near the end of the trail, immediately below is the Mendoza Trail. The Coyote Ridge Trail runs up through the center. A new trail runs along the center to the left.

On the hill are white yarrow, yellow mules ears, purple spring vetch, white Chinese houses, and purple bluedicks.

North end of the Mummy Mountain Trail at the Mendoza Trail, which leads to the Coyote Ridge Trail on the right.

The Mendoza Trail ends at the Coyote Ridge Trail, which the group takes to get back to the Mendoza Ranch staging area.

Trail crewmember Brian Shively and volunteers install a new trail sign on the Coyote Ridge Trail for the new connector to the Mendoza Trail and Mummy Mountain Trail.

View of Mummy Mountain's "head" from the Campground Trail.

View from the Coyote Ridge Trail of hikers on the Mummy Mountain Trail.

View from near the Mendoza Ranch trailhead of the south part of Mummy Mountain, with the Coyote Ridge Trail below it.

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