Mountain Bike Race at Santa Teresa Park
October 16, 2005


Santa Teresa Park

County Parks


On Sunday October 16, 2005, the Stanford University MTB Race was held at Santa Teresa Park. It was supposed to be a 2-day event, but because it had rained on Friday night, Saturday's race was cancelled. Saturday was supposed to be a cross-country race. Sunday was supposed to be a downhill race. Instead, the cross-country race was run on Sunday morning, and the downhill was run Sunday afternoon.

The cross-country race started in the Pueblo Area and followed the Pueblo Trail, Hidden Springs Trail, Coyote Peak Trail, Rocky Ridge Trail, Mine Trail, and back to the Pueblo Trail and Pueblo Area. The downhill race started at the top of Coyote Peak, and dropped down the Coyote Peak Trail to the Rocky Ridge Trail, ending in Big Oak Valley. Bicyclists were trucked to the top of Coyote Peak.

Start and finish line for the cross-country race.

Bicyclists race towards the Pueblo Trail

Another group of riders prepares to start.

Cross-country riders head up the Hidden Springs Trail to Coyote Peak.

The finish.

Heading from the Rocky Ridge to the Mine Trail.

Coming down the Rocky Ridge Trail

In the Pueblo Area parking lot.

Downhill riders preparing to get into the truck for a ride up to Coyote Peak.

Truck carrying riders heading up the Hidden Springs Trail to Coyote Peak

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