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Ghost Tour

Santa Teresa and Almaden

October  17, 2009

The Kiwanis Club of Almaden Valley sponsors a project called the Turnaround Scholarship Fund. It recognizes and provides scholarships to high school students who have turned their lives around. As a fundraiser for the scholarship fund, on October 17, 2009, the Kiwanis sponsored a ghost tour, organized by Martha Kelley and led by Mike Boulland.  Mike is a retired teacher, the president of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park, a docent at the Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum, and the co-author of a book on New Almaden.  The tour began in the parking lot near the Bank of America and Country Inn Cafe at Camden and Almaden Expressway.

Shari Sullivan greeted the people coming for the tour, with posters, artifacts, and pictures brought by Mike Boulland.

Mike Boulland talked to the guests waiting by the bus.

Shari Sullivan was dressed as Maria Zacharias Berryessa. Mike was dressed as Jose Reyes Berryessa. They related the tragic story of the Berryessa family, who owned property in the Almaden Valley. Many members of the Berryessas, including Jose, were murdered to seize their property.

Martha Kelley
Martha Kelley wore her Halloween hat. She works at Almaden Media Services, which is in the building behind her.

We got on the bus. The bus travelled down Camden Avenue and then went through IBM's Almaden Research Center and Santa Teresa County Park.

In the bus, near Bernal School, Mike talked about ghost sightings in the school. On the left of the bus is the Pedro Bernal/Bonetti House, which has a cross in its backyard.  We turned left on Curie Drive and passed by the Pyzak Ranch and Bear Tree Lot. Mike talked about the bull and bear fights held there and about Indian bones that were found nearby. The neighbors reported seeing ghosts of Indians.

We arrived at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch. We greeted park interpreter Heidi McFarland.

Robin Schaut, manager of the interpretive programs for the County Parks, gave a talk in the barn to half of the group, pointing out the timeline and historical artifacts.

In the meantime, the other half of the group toured the Bernal Ranch House.

Later, the groups switched places, and Mike gave a talk in the barn about the historical of the ranch and the families that lived there.

Afterwards, we left the barn and headed down the path to Santa Teresa Spring.

We walked along the path through the field below the spring.

Mike talked about the mining and farming activities that took place in Rancho Santa Teresa.

At Santa Teresa Spring, on the lower platform by the pond below, called Dottie's Pond. Mike told the legend of how Dottie, one of the Bernals, was said to have been pulled under the water of the pond by a giant hand.

We went up to the upper platform next to Santa Teresa Spring. Mike talked about the legend of the Black-Robed Woman and how the spring was named after St. Teresa of Avila.

The water was flowing at Santa Teresa Spring, as it does year-round. Some people have seen the image of St. Teresa on the rocks behind the font.

Afterwards, we walked back to the bus and rode through Santa Teresa Park and IBM again to the Almaden Valley. We drove into New Almaden, stopping off in front of several houses along the way, where Mike told of haunting experiences of the residents. He also talked about the Casa Grande, which was under construction. He played a video interview with one of the park interpreters who told about her ghostly encounters in the Casa Grande.

We arrived for dinner at the New Almaden Community Club, which was decorated in a ghostly theme. Many volunteers helped to put together the dinner.

Kitty Monahan makes sure the dinner line is setup for the guests. The food was prepared by Jennifer De Ghuee and her family.

Volunteers helping with the dinner included Dot Wilson and students from Leland High School.

The dinner included salad, rolls, pasta with meatballs and sausage, cookies, and cake.

Mike welcomed everyone to the dinner. He showed a video interview with the custodians at Bernal School, who saw ghosts there at night.

Mike's wife, Dorene (in the doorway), helped with the dinner and greeted the guests.

After dinner, we walked over to the Hacienda Cemetery, where we were greeted by one-armed Bertram Barrett.

Bertram lost his arm in an accident, which was buried in the Hacienda cemetery. Bertram was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Legend has it that his arm can be seen searching for the rest of his body.

Entering the cemetery, Bertram's arm climbed up the sign.

Jenny Danielson's grave
The grave of little Jenny Danielson

Bertram Barrett's arm's grave
The grave of Bertram Barrett's arm.

Mike told stories of the pioneers buried in the cemetery.

Afterwards, we headed back to the bus and returned to the parking lot by the Country Inn.

  • Organizations: Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Dept., New Almaden Community Club, New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association, Friends of Santa Teresa Park, IBM, Kiwanis Club of Almaden Valley, Leland High School volunteers
  • Cooking and dining: Jennifer De Ghuee, Mike De Ghuee, Sam De Ghuee, Rachael De Ghuee, Kitty Monahan, Robbie Lamos, Bill Jones, Dorene  Boulland, Dot Wilson

Pictures by Ron Horii. Page created by Ron Horii, 10/22/09, updated 11/19/09.