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Fortini Trail Work Day May  3, 2008

Mine, Fortini, Stile Ranch Wildflowers, 4/11/08

Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge Wildflowers, Feb-Apr. '08

Bernal Hill wildflowers Feb-April 2008 Part 1, Part 2

Santa Teresa Park Wildflowers, Spring 2002

Santa Teresa Park

Mother's Day Walk, May 4, 2008

Fortini-Stile Ranch Trails

A week before Mother's Day, Mike Boulland led a Mother's Day Healthy Trails walk on the Fortini, MIne, and Stile Ranch Trails. It began at the Fortini-Stile Trailhead at San Vicente Road. During the hike, volunteers portraying historical figures talked about their lives and experiences in the rancho times.

Beeny Sander signs up volunteers and participants, 12:03 pm.

Jose de los Reyes Berryessa, tells of his experience as owner of Rancho San Vicente.

Mike Boulland points out the wildflowers on the hill above the Fortini Trail. Blooming nearby are mariposa lilies.

Approaching the old barn.

The wife of Jose Berryessa tells the tragic story of her family. The barn is on the site of the ranch they owned.

The crowd listening to Mrs. Berryessa's story.

Heading towards the Club 14-E site.

Hiking past the Rosetto Ranch.

Looking back along the Fortini Trail above the service road to the Rosetto Ranch.

Letting bikes pass by on the newly-widened Fortini Trail

Crossing Santa Teresa Creek.

The Bernal Sisters.

Group listening to the story of the Bernal Sisters.

Mike pointing out the sights from the Fortini-Mine Trail junction.

Group ascending the Mine Trail.

Group approaching the start of the Stile Ranch Trail.

Crossing the first bridge and ascending the first hill on the Stile Ranch Trail.

At the second valley, Mike points out the rock wall and the wildflowers.

Above the valley, with the Rocky Ridge Trail on the hills in the background.

The bridge over the headwaters of Santa Teresa Creek.

Ascending the last hill on the Stile Ranch Trail.

On top of the last ridge.

Passing through the rock wall.

Approaching the last switchbacks.

Poppies along the switchbacks.


Near the bottom of the switchbacks. The Stile Ranch-Fortini Trail junction is below.

The start of the Stile Ranch Trail, looking back up the hill.

The group resting at the end of the hike at 2:13 pm.

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