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Family Fandango Day

Santa Teresa County Park

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August  23, 2008

The pictures below were taken on Family Fandango Day, held on August 23, 2008 at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch on Manila Drive. This was the third year for this event, which was planned by Jan Shriner. She planned the previous two Fandangos. A number of park staff and volunteers came to help.

Francisco Garcia setting up the rancho artifacts booth

Handmade wood and wire birdcage, brought by Delfina and Francisco Garcia

FOSTP president Mike Boulland and FOSTP member and ranch neighbor Mario Blaum at the parks and FOSTP information table

Mario, Mike, Muwekma tribe members, tribal Chairwoman Rosemary Cambra, and head of the park interpreters, Robin Schaut

Muwekma Ohlone Indians setting up their booth

Almaden park interpreter John Slenter looking at the Muwekma Ohlone booth (picture by Chris Horii)

Parks staff member Brian Shively directing traffic in the parking lot. Brian did a lot of volunteer work at the ranch before he went to work for the County Parks.

Lynne Paulson of the Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association setting up their animal tracks game booth.

Ed Jackson, John Klimaszewski from the STFNA, Mike, and Lynne at the STFNA table

Sam Drake and Mike by the info table

Art Boudreault from NAQCPA and Mike

Delfina Garcia and her rancho artifacts

Robin, park planner Antoinette Romeo, Brian, park interpreter John Dorrance, and 4H leader and FOSTP member Holly Davis

Park interpreter Lynda Will and the Junior Rangers at the welcome table

  Mike and Sam talking to SJSU anthropology lecturer Alan Leventhal

Lynne, Art, Dot Wilson, Dorene Boulland, Shari Sullivan from NAQCPA, and Rick Mandel from STFNA at the STFNA table. Rick collected most of the animal track plaster casts in and around the Santa Teresa Hills.

Sam, Rick, and Lynne talking to 4H leader and FOSTP member Jenel Vincze at the 4H table

Robin, park interpreters Chris Carson and Jan Shriner. Jan organized this event.

Hikers coming down the Joice Trail, Robin greeting visitors.

Deputy parks director Jim O'Connor (right) watching Ruben Reyes

Lynda and the Junior Rangers, who are dressed as Spanish soldiers

Chris and cattle branding

Holly at the 4H seed table

4H chicken bingo

Chris and Shari and cattle roping

Art and Ed at the information table, posters and easel made by Ron Horii (picture by Chris Horii)

Lynda and rancho bingo

Making clapper sticks.

Photographer Ron Horii (taken by Chris Horii)

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