Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 9/6/01

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Rick Leonard, Holly Davis.
  • Ranger report (Ken Silvera called Mike):
    • Jerry in park maintenance will be alternating meetings with Ken. He couldn't come tonight.
    • Map holders will be installed at the entrance to the park on Bernal Road or up by the restrooms.
    • The caretaker will be in at the Joice Bernal Ranch by 9/14.
    • At the Joice Bernal Ranch, some paintball activity was reported. The paintballers were caught and fined. The mounted unit is patrolling the park about twice a week looking for paintballers.
    • Locks have been installed on all doors on the Joice Bernal barn.
  • Calendar:
    • We had a potluck picnic on Friday 8/17 at 5:30 at the Pueblo area, followed by a hike, led by Mike. Ron took pictures.
    • 9/8 is New Almaden Days in New Almaden. There will be a parade at 11:00 and food in the community center afterwards. 
    • 9/15 is Coastal Clean-Up Day. We don't have any plans for activities at Santa Teresa Park.
    • 9/20 is the Historic Heritage meeting. Mike suggests going to talk about the Pyzak house. The Historic Heritage Commission gets funding from the parks budget. They make recommendations for historic buildings to be saved and restored, but they don't have the power to actually buy the property. The buildings can be anywhere in the county, not just on county parks property. 
    • 9/21 - will paint the Buck Norred Ranch at 2:30 on Friday. It will be an Earth Core and community activity. The mounted patrol will be there. Chris Orr will order the paint. We need to contact John Heenan to get the tool truck with the paint supplies. We will be painting out the grafitti. 
    • 9/22 - Santa Teresa Community Fair. This will be an all-day fun event from 11 am to 4 pm. There will be an FOSTP booth. It will be at the new George Page Park on Santa Teresa Blvd. and Miyuki Drive. Mike needs help. He will be handing out info. Posters would be useful. Mike wants to pass out literature and put out a petition about the Pyzak property. We suggested putting out a petition about the parking fees.
    • 10/2 - 6:00 pm, meet at the Martin Murphy Jr. High Auditorium at a community meeting sponsored by the Santa Teresa Citizen Action Group. We will set up a booth. [9/22/01 update: Moved to 10/2 from 10/4, allowing FOSTP meeting on 10/4]
    • 10/4 - 7:00 pm FOSTP meeting, upper clubhouse.
    • 10/11 - There will be a community meeting at Bernal School to discuss the Pyzak agreement (see below). FOSTP will moderate.
    • 10/13 - Pioneer Day at New Almaden. They will take tours up to the Day Tunnel.
    • 10/19 - Earth Core - clean up the Ohlone Trail.
    • 10/20 - VCC picnic at the New Almaden Community Center.
    • 11/1 - FOSTP meeting.
    • 11/3 - Mike is leading a ghost stories history walk with the California Pioneers. They will meet at Baldwin School at 9:45 am, do a slide show, then walk to Joice Bernal and tell ghost stories.
    • 11/17 - We can do a truck tour at Almaden Quicksilver. People can sign up. We can take 14 people. The New Almaden Association will provide lunch.
  • Rick suggested a night activity at Santa Teresa, such as stargazing. We just need Ken Silvera to bless it and put it on the calendar. it should be after daylight savings time ends. 
  • Mike: The Pyzak Property
    • Mike wrote a letter about the impending sale of the Pyzak Property at San Ignacio and Curie.
    • Mike wants to meet with Forrest Williams. His department has been encouraging a land swap, where the city would annex the vacant lot at San Ignacio and Curie and allow the construction of 15 or more cluster homes. In return, the county would get the Pyzak House and property. 
    • We prefer that the county buy the Pyzak property outright and not swap it for the vacant lot.
    • The Pyzak House is on the historic inventory. It was built by Pedro Bernal for his daughter. We want to make sure the house is preserved. 
    • Note: since the meeting, Mike heard that delicate negotiations are underway for the county to buy the Pyzak Property, so we should table any community actions on the issue. 
  • Our account balance is $1224.33..
  • Kitty:
    • Kitty complained to Jim O'Connor that the restrooms at the Pueblo area were locked and that they had to use the port-a-potties, which were hot and smelly. 
    • Kitty said that the Horseman's Association had a meeting at the park, and they had to pay the parking fee when they went in and out.
  • Volunteer hours:
    • Ron Horii: 10
    • Kitty Monahan: 6
    • Holly Davis: 3
    • Mike Boulland: 25
    • Rick Leonard: 8
  • Web page: Ron - will put info about the Pyzak Property on it.
  • Mike wants to spend money to buy a gift for Jim McGrath to thank him for letting us use the banquet room.
Ronald Horii,
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park
9/11/01, updated 9/22/01

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