Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 9/5/02

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Holly Davis, Rick Leonard, Ken Silveira, Donna Steiner
  • Ron Horii said the Website is running out of space. Mike said he would pay for more space. Donna Steiner moved that we fund the Website expansion. The motion was approved unanimously. [The current Website has a 15 MB limit. For $4.95 per month, plus a one-time $10 setup fee, we can get 25 MB and no pop-up ads. This will probably be sufficient. There are other plans that cost more and offer more. See]
  • Ranger report - Ken Silveira
    • Mounted Ranger Unit at the Buck Norred Ranchsite:
      • The mounted patrol unit is in place. There are 4 rangers there. They will be patrolling Santa Teresa more and more. Julie Gaffney is the senior ranger. Ken will try to bring Julie to the next meeting.
      • The site host is Bill Lemos. He has a trailer there.
      • People can visit the site if the rangers are there. They may put up a sign to keep out if they are not there.
      • They may have an interpretive program for the site, though not quite an open house. They are looking to create a volunteer base in the neighborhood. They have to be careful because there are liability concerns with horses.
      • There have been no neighborhood complaints so far about the horses or flies. 
    • They are getting more visitors at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch. The house is open on Saturdays. John Dorrance has projects ready for kids to do.
    • There have been some escapes from the Wright Center. Usually, the kids just want to go home.
    • There has been some graffiti at the springs.
    • They haven't had problems with paint ballers.
    • There have been few fires this year.
    • There's an occupant in the Rosetto House by the Fortini Trail now.
    • Neil Steiner is working on a portable kitchen at the BGJ Ranch. It's on wheels. It can be used outside for interpretive activities, like baking bread or making candles.
    • The Ohlone Trail bridge by the archery range is closed. The sides of the bridge fell off. It needs to be rebuilt. 
    • The ranger at the Bonetti (Pedro Bernal) House across from Bernal School is getting married and is moving out. Another ranger will be replacing him.
    • There have been no complaints about the picnic tables at the BGJ Ranch, though one neighbor expressed concerns about the potential for noise.
  • Mike:
    • Mike has a plaque to give to Jim McGrath and a gift certificate for Tom at the bar.
    • Mike wrote a letter to Parks Commissioner John Redding thanking the Parks Commission for putting on the BGJ dedication and for the good job done by the staff. Mike gave certificates of appreciation to the staff and maintenance crew.
    • Mike said there should be a program for at-risk kids in Santa Teresa Park. It could be at Buck Norred's or the BGJ Ranch. 
    • Mike has a spreadsheet with the volunteer hours. We'll post it on the Website. John Dorrance is clocking hours at the BGJ Ranch.
    • John Dorrance is working on the bulletin board at the BGJ Ranch. We can put FOSTP brochures there. Mike can make copies of them to put out.
  • Trails
    • Trail usage is in the master plan, which was written 10-15 years ago. We should review the master plan . To change it, we could write up a summary of the changes and take it to the parks planning department. They agree, ti goes to the parks commission for approval. Change the master plan is a big deal.
  • 4H - Holly:
    • 4H is holding poultry meetings at the BGJ Ranch.
    • The use the storage area in the barn.
    • They will muck out the coop, take out the straw, compost it, replace it with oat hay and alfalfa. John Dorrance will reimburse them.
  • Activities
    • Saturday 9/21: John Dorrance and Rick Leonard will lead a night star walk. It will start at 7:30 pm at the BGJ Ranch. They'll walk around there for 15-20 minutes, then carpool up to the Pueblo. They will walk to the upper parking lot on Bernal Road. It will end around 9:30. John will put up posters at the ranch.
    • We should do a BBQ at the BGJ Ranch yearly on the closest weekend to June 29 to commemorate its dedication. In 2003, June 28 is a Saturday.
    • The Santa Teresa Community Fest is on 9/21. We'll have a booth. Rick will be there. John Dorrance may be there. Ron will take pictures. We should bring the model of Rancho Santa Teresa, which is in the storeroom of the barn at the BGJ Ranch. 1 table will be provided, but we may need to bring more tables and chairs.
    • October 26: ghost hike at 9:00.
Ronald Horii, 
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park 

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Created 9/18/2002 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park