Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 7/13/00


The meeting was held at 7:00 in the upper clubhouse. Mike Boulland was presiding. Ron Horii was the recording secretary. Minutes from last meeting were reviewed.
  • Jim was on vacation this week, so we did not get the park ranger report. We haven't heard from park maintenance.
  • Mike got $700 back that was supposed to be the final payment for Earth Core. The principal of Baldwin School returned it.
  • Mike walked around the lower park with Park Commisioner John Redding. They visited Buck Norred's and the future mounted patrol location, the H4 historic zone, and the Joice-Bernal Rancho restoration. John Redding expressed concern about the condition of the Ohlone Trail. He was open to the idea of opening the Coyote-Alamitos Canal to public access. 
  • The Bernal-Joice Rancho restoration has been stopped for 2 months while the contractors work on another project at a school.
  • Jean Getchell reported on the condition of Santa Teresa Springs. She said that it was being trashed. Slats in the fence were being kicked out. Someone had written graffiti on the walls of the spring that was only visible from the grotto.
  • The walls on Bernal Road have been tagged. The Earth Core group has helped with the cleanup in the past, but they are on vacation. The parks department also cleans up the graffiti. There was a question about whether IBM had any responsibility for the road.
  • Emergency phone at the Pueblo area?
  • The installation of the lights at Santa Teresa Springs is in progress. They are being purchased. The funds, however, were available months ago. 
  • Hours last month:
    • Jean & Phil Getchell - 15 hours each.
    • Ron Horii - 20 hours
    • Dorothy Wuss - 2 hours
    • Kitty Monahan - 2 hours
    • Mike Boulland - 40 hours
  • Mike Boulland talked about Earth Core. The principal at Baldwin School wrote a grant and got funding for the program, so it will be funded by the school. the groups meets twice a week, after school. Even though it's held at Baldwin School, anyone can participate. They need community members to help with activities for the kids. They take field trips into the park, hike, pick up litter, clean up, plant trees, etc. They meet after school in Mike's classroom and walk to the park. They spend about an hour in the park. There's about 10-30 kids who participate. If anyone wants to help, contact Mike.
  • Mike got $25 for giving a talk to a women's sorority on Santa Teresa Park and 3 important women.
  • Mike showed some pictures of archaeological sites. He went with an archaeologist and took pictures of petroglyphs and other rock formations used by the Indians. 
  • The bridge on the Rocky Ridge trail and one on the Stile Ranch trail need repair or replacement. They are OK for hikers, but they are not strong or stable enough to support horses. Working on them would be a good Eagle Scout project.
  • The next activity will be a evening potluck dinner and truck tour on the park's fire roads, possibly up to Coyote Peak. We'll shoot for a weekend with a full moon.
  • The FOSTP has a new Website ( Ron Horii is the Webmaster. Send materials to him for inclusion on the site. He can scan in pictures and documents. Pictures and stories relating to the park's history would be good. Articles, news items, editorials, park reports, trail photos, school projects, etc. would also be welcome. The site has 15 MB of space.
  • Ron Horii reported on the sparse trail use since the parking fees have been implemented. He hiked up to Coyote Peak on 2 Friday evenings recently and encountered no hikers on the trails, which was unusual. There were only a few bicyclists, equestrians, and joggers who had come in from outside the park, so they did not have to pay the parking fees. There have been much fewer cars parked in the park, and only a few bought parking tickets.
  • We're looking for suggestions for next year's activities. Send ideas to Mike.
Ronald Horii,
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park

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Created 7/13/2000, revised 9/16/00 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park