Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 3/6/14


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, and Ron Horii. Visitors: Ken Owens and Mark Roggia from the Sheriff's office, County Park Ranger Matt Piedmont.
  • There will be a Boy Scout project across from Bernal School on 3/14.
  • We intend to give $200 to help make up the budget shortfall to put on Fandango. Mike hasn't heard back from Jan Shriner, who has been in charge of Fandango.
  • Matt Piedmont is the interim senior ranger in the Hellyer unit, after Aniko Millan, who was the senior ranger, got promoted to supervising ranger. The Hellyer rangers are in charge of Hellyer, Martial Cottle, Santa Teresa, and the Coyote Creek Trail north of Metcalf Road. (The Anderson rangers handle the Coyote Creek Trail from Metcalf south.) The Hellyer unit has 4 rangers and 5 maintenance workers. They are short 2 people.
  • Sergeant Mark Roggia talked about the sheriffs role in patrolling the County Parks. He is the supervisor for the unit. They are stationed in the Muriel Wright Center in Santa Teresa Park. The County Probation Department still owns the buildings. Americorps, which has teams of about 12, stay at Muriel Wright for a month at a time.
  • The sheriffs talked about incidents in the park. There were 5 arrests at Santa Teresa Spring for smoking pot, hard drugs, and sex offenders. The sheriffs responded to shots fired in the park. They found shell casings. They've found bullet holes in the pipes that cross the Coyote-Alamitos Canal. They have had vehicle break-ins at the Fortini Trailhead and the Bernal Road parking lot. They have had 4-wheelers driving off-road near County View Drive and getting stuck. They have had problems with homeless camps along Coyote Creek all the way to Anderson.
  • Matt Piedmont talked about the rangers. They like to document problems. They have had problems in the park with minors drinking and smoking pot. 2 people were cited for being in the park after hours. A litter cleanup is coming up. Google wants to do a big volunteer day. They can do a big project. Rangers handle single-track trails. Maintenance handles multi-use trails. Matt is the volunteer coordinator for the Hellyer unit. Kristy Barton handles special events.
  • Beeny Sander, who used to handle permits, is working on the STAR program. Carrie Griesenti, who handled outdoor recreation, is temporarily handling permits. Heidi McFarland, who used to be an interpreter at the Casa Grande, is temporarily taking over Carrie's job.
  • Roxanne said she could get around 30 kids to volunteer to work on projects during cross-country season from Sept.-Dec.
  • Roxanne said that the organizers of the school district's SLUG run, which uses city streets, are interested in having the race at Martial Cottle Ranch in the future. The trail will be 4 miles.
  • Aniko Millan is now a supervising ranger handling region 2, which includes Hellyer, Santa Teresa, Coyote Creek Trail, Martial Cottle, Ed Levin, Grant, and Field Sports.
  • Festival in the Park is on June 7. We should plan to publish a newsletter to be distributed at Festival in the Park. Ron will edit the newsletter. He needs articles by May 1.
  • Ron showed pictures of the park as it looked in February. Grass was just starting to grow at the beginning of February.  He showed pictures of Santa Teresa Spring, the Norred Ranch, the Pyzak Ranch, the Archery Range, the Ohlone Trail, the Norred Trail, the Mine Trail, the Pueblo area, the Bernal Ranch, and the Norred Trail. There were a few wildflowers out.
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    Created 3/30/14  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park