Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 2/6/14


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Ed Jackson, Sam Drake, and Ron Horii.
  • Mike talked to Aniko Millan, supervising ranger. They are in the process of hiring a senior ranger for Santa Teresa. Currently Matt Piedmont and Kristy Barton are temporarily acting as senior rangers, operating out of class.
  • Aniko will be holding monthly stakeholders meetings for her unit, which consists of ~7 county parks, including Santa Teresa. This is something new, which has never happened before, and has not been scheduled yet. Aniko wants us to attend these meetings. We can suggest future projects.
  • Some young adults were caught selling drugs at Santa Teresa Spring.
  • Aniko said that someone from the Parks department will show up at our March meeting.
  • Mike has noticed more grafitti on the nature trail.
  • There's a lot of trash that gets blown across the street into the park from Bernal School. There's an opportunity there for a service project for the Bernal cross-country team. They could cleanup that part of the park in exchange for free parking at Pueblo Area during their cross-country events.
  • Park Maintenance weed-whacked trash along Manila Drive, spreading the trash around.
  • Mike talked about his neighbor Suzanne, who got a grant to plant trees. She was turned down at Santa Teresa because of the lack of water.
  • Kitty talked about the Park Commission meeting:
    • $827K was allocated to Santa Teresa for the grazing plan to put up fencing.
    • The Santa Teresa Historic Site plan was granted $600K to plan for the trails, parking, and interpretive signage.
    • Vasona got money for fixing the ranger's office and sprinklers, $1.76M for trail reconstruction, and $1M for replacing the playground. The commissioners had concerns about the playground, that it was an urban expense more suited to city parks.
    • Mike & Kitty spoke at the meeting about the lack of VCC coordination. They gave examples of what has been lost because the volunteer program is on hold.
  • The minutes from last month's meeting were accepted.
  • Ron will be working on the newsletter, targeting it for distribution at Festival in the Park in June. The target for articles will be the end of April. Ideas for articles: Aniko's promotion and park rangers, Roxanne and cross-country teams, the Bear Tree.
  • Ron made a webpage with pictures of Santa Teresa. They can be used to make a photo book or calendar.
  • The Stile Ranch Trail rock project is on hold until Santa Teresa gets a senior ranger.
  • The Coyote Peak sign is on hold.
  • Sam's geocaching class at Almaden Quicksilver has been cancelled because of rain.
  • Carrie Grisenti, who handled the outdoor recreation program, will be handling park reservations. Heidi McFarland will replace Carrie for 6 months, handling the outdoor recreation program. They will need to replace Heidi at Quicksilver.
  • Sunday is Basim's Jaber's talk at the Casa Grande about the Almaden Air Force Station.
  • Ed did grafitti removal at the canal for about 1 1/2 hours. The canal wall near Santa Teresa Spring was tagged on both sides.
  • There's been a homeless problem. Tents were found at the bottom of the canal.
  • There will be no meeting in September because Mike will be going on vacation.
  • Ron showed pictures: dry conditions on the trails, the Bernal Hill trails, the Pueblo Area, Santa Teresa Spring, statue at Santa Teresa Spring, dry Coyote-Alamitos Canal, Norred Trail, the Pyzak Ranch, kids walking in the canal, the building on the Norred Trail for housing sick horses was cleared, volunteer program open house at Muriel Wright.
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    Created 2/27/14  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park