Friends of Santa Teresa Park Zoom Meeting, 11/4/21


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Youngmee Kim, Greg Koopman, Joan Murphy, Woody Collins, Steve Crockett, Sam Drake, Ron Horii, Ranger John Maney. 
    • This was an online Zoom videoconference meeting. Mike sent out a meeting link for this Zoom meeting.  Here's the agenda for today's meeting.
    • Our next First Friday work day is tomorrow, Nov. 5. Jeremy Celeya gave us a list of things to do. He said to pull blackberries below the spring, repair the water bars on the ramp to the spring, and clear a 10-foot area behind the Caretaker's House.
    • December's First Friday work is cancelled.
    • On 11/6, there will be a Bay Area Ridge Trail service day in Santa Teresa Park. It will be a joint effort between the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council and the Santa Cruz Mountain Trail Stewardship. They will be working to fix drainage and erosion issues on the Stile Ranch Trail. The County Parks' Trail Crew is managing it. (Eric McFarland is head of the Trail Crew.) Sam said he hiked the Stile Ranch Trail and saw that there was lots of sand and gravel on it. It looks different.
    • On 11/7, Mike will be leading a history tour of Rancho Santa Teresa at 2:00. They will start at the ranch house and go to Santa Teresa Spring. They will follow the new trail to its end.
    • On 10/29, Jan Shriner surprised a group of young men in the back of the barn. They didn't steal anything, but they were playing with the artifacts. She called a ranger and sheriff, who patrolled the area around the ranch, looking for suspicious activity.
    • Ron showed a slideshow: views from the Joice Trail on a clear day, more walking sticks at the Joice Trailhead, blackberries growing around the Bernal Ranch and Santa Teresa Spring, the garden boxes and the front of the ranch house (still look good), grafitti on the rails at the spring, progress on the new trail, conditions on the Norred Trail, erosion on the Joice Trail, green grass replaced burned grass in the Pueblo Area, a  coyote on the Mine Trail, and a new memorial bench on the Pueblo Trail.
    • Antoinette Romeo, who did the planning for the Santa Teresa Park Historic Area Site Plan, retired in May. We should invite her to the trail opening celebration. She worked on plans for Almaden Quicksilver and Santa Teresa.
    • Ranger John Maney said they would be doing controlled burns in the Pueblo Area of piles of dead vegetation.
    • John said he hadn't heard about a fatal accident on the Boundary Trail. We talked about how steep the trail is. It's possible to put warning signs on it. It used to be labeled as steep on the old maps. The new maps don't show that. New maps will be needed because of the new trail, so it may be possible to label the steep trails.
    • Rachel Caoli and Jaclyn Caldwell are new to the interpretive department. Rachel was hired back as extra help and will be working at the Bernal Ranch. Jaclyn is a full-time interpreter.
    • We talked about the effects of the drought. Joan asked if water could be provided for wildlife. John said there are water troughs in the park for horses and cattle, but there are not plans to provide water for wildlife. He said to bring up the issue with the executive staff.
    • Ed said he is working with Jason Gorman and Felipe Vasquez on installing a memorial bench and tables in the Pueblo Area by the corral parking lot. The two wooden picnic tables that are there will be replaced with concrete tables. 
    • We talked about removing the power poles to the now-gone microwave relay station at the start of the Rocky Ridge Trail. They are still trying to figure out who owns them. Jeremy Farr might know.
    • We need to update our annual activities plan.
    • Treasurer's report (Greg): We haven't been spending anything. We have $1722.17 in the bank. We need to hold onto the money for critical expenses. We have $450 in Beautify SJ grant money left, which needs to be spent by the end of the year, or we have to give it back. We submitted a change request for reallocating our budget money. The request is in process.
    • We applied for a Beautify San Jose Cycle 4 Grant of $1500. We applied as a community partner group, which includes friends of parks, rather than as a neighborhood association, so the amount is limited to $1500. We requested $200 for UNSCC membership, $260 for website hosting, $310 for newsletter and communications, $120 for our PO box, $150 for Zoom fees, $310 for event expenses, and $150 for event insurance.
    • Marilyn August is moving to Arizona. She and Joan are working on the celebration for the new trail opening. Kim and Kitty said they could help. Mike said to meet at his house on 11/18 at 1:00. 
    • The new trail opening has been delayed. It should be ready by the end of the month. We can shoot for 12/5 at 2-3 for the celebration, but we need to confirm the actual date of the trail opening with the Parks Dept. We should ask Tamara Clark if the department is going to do anything. [The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be on 12/11.]
    • Joan bought some Day of the Dead candy for the trail opening celebration. 
    • We need to write a newsletter to pass out at the celebration. Ron will edit it. Ed can write about his plans for the memorial bench. We can have pictures of our work days and ask for help. Joan said to have picture of points of interest along the new trail.
    • For December, we will not have a meeting. We will have a potluck party at Mike's house on 12/2 at 6 pm. Email Mike to say what you're bringing.
    • On 11/12, there will be another ghost tour at the New Almaden Community Club at 5:00. It will be for the New Almaden neighbors.
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