Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 10/4/01


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Rick Leonard, Holly Davis, Dorothy Wuss, Mario Blaum, Jane Lockie (new), Ken Silveira (ranger).
  • Ranger report (Ken):
    • Some furniture has been put in the barn.
    • They will batten the barn to waterproof it.
    • Calero (Chris Orr) will be handling maintenance at the Joice-Bernal Rancho, for now.
    • John Patterson is the maintenance supervisor.
    • There was a small fire a couple of weeks ago near the ranger's house on San Ignacio Road.
    • There was a big fire on October 1. (See pictures below.)
    • The park trail signs have been put up by Jeff Sewell and Chris Orr. Ken would like feedback on the signs.
    • The new map board is up by the water trough on the Hidden Springs Trail.
    • Ken has 3 more plastic map holders. 
    • There are "no parking" signs up at Bernal and Heaton Moor.
    • There is a new park interpreter - John. Ken wants to have him come to an FOSTP meeting to introduce him.
    • The mounted rangers had an emergency and could not show up for the painting of the Norred Ranch until ~4:30.
    • The mounted rangers showed up at the Santa Teresa Community Fest.
    • There has been after-hours activity at the Joice-Bernal Rancho, including paintballers, equestrians, and hikers.  The rangers have been talking to people about after-hours use. 
    • There have been complaints of off-leash dogs and accumulating dog droppings on the Coyote-Alamitos Canal levee at the Joice-Bernal Rancho. Ken is thinking about putting up dog scoopers. Ken needs to find out what responsibilities the water district has, since the canal is under water district jurisdiction.
  • Calendar:
    • 10/9 - VCC meeting
    • 10/13 - Pioneer Day, New Almaden
    • 10/18 - Historic Heritage Commission
    • 10/19 - Earth Core Ohlone Trail clean-up
    • 10/20 - VCC annual volunteer BBQ picnic, New Almaden Community Club, 11:30 am.
    • 10/23 - Santa Teresa Community Action Group meeting, Martin Murphy School 7:00 pm. Mike will set up booth, talk about Pyzak and park fees.
    • 11/3 - Ghost stories history walk, 9:45 am, Baldwin School, Mike's classroom. Tall Tales and Legends - talk and walk given by Mike to the California Pioneers. They will walk along Heaton Moor to Buck Norred's, Bonetti's house (Pedro Bernal House), to Santa Teresa Springs.
    • 11/16 - Earth Core clean-up of the Bear Tree Lot.
    • 11/17 - New Almaden Tour - meet at the mining museum at 9:30 am, will take van tours, lunch at English Camp will be provided. They can only handle 17 people.
  • Volunteer hours:
    • Earth Core: 45 people, 90 hours
    • Santa Teresa Community Fest: 4 people, 36 hours.
    • Mario Blaum: 3
    • Ron Horii: 20
    • Kitty Monahan: 3
    • Mike Boulland: 20
    • Rick Leonard: 12
    • Holly Davis: 10
    • Dorothy Wuss: 4
    • Jane: 3
  • Account balance: $1224.33
  • Santa Teresa Community Fest - Mike, Rick, and Holly were there, set up the booth, talked to people, passed out maps. Parking fee petition - got 31 signatures. Many people were surprised to learn about the park and the history of the park. Ron took pictures (see below).
  • Kitty - Parks Commission meeting:
    • The commission voted to call the area around the Joice-Bernal Rancho the "Santa Teresa Historic Park Area." They created a new district. Some parts of the park, like the Buck Norred Ranch, were not included. They will be added later. 
    • There was a marketing film on the county parks. Its purpose is to solicit grants for the parks foundation. The film did not show Santa Teresa.
  • Mike - no news on the Pyzak property acquisition. The county is waiting for the appraisal. Don Gage is in favor of buying it. Forrest Willieams expressed interest. He may be able to get the city to match funds. Mike hasn't filled out the paperwork for the community meeting at Bernal school. He will wait to hear about further developments. 
  • We recommend that FOSTP be allowed to review the interpretive signs for the Joice-Bernal Rancho to check for historical accuracy.
  • Rick talked about doing a night stargazing hike. He wants to do it in December. He wants to call it "Silent Night."  He recommends having a small number. Too many (>25-30) becomes unwieldy.   He'll check the calendar to see where the moon will be. We recommended having an alternate date in case of rain.We can do a small hike as a dry run, then a bigger one later.  Ken will schedule the ranger to stay late to accompany the hike. He just needs a date and time. 
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Ronald Horii,
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park

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