Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 10/06/11

  • Attendees: Sam Drake, Ed Jackson, Woody Collins, Maureen Kluska, Kitty Monahan, Mike Boulland, Mario Blaum, Ronald Horii.
  • Maureen said we had 53.3 volunteer hours last month, 579.7 for the year.
  • Our bank balance was $637.70. Our expenses were $362.75.
  • The fence on Curie was fixed.
  • The Pedro Bernal House is up for occupation.
  • Dan Hill is the new head of maintenance at Calero. He took Drew Merry's place.
  • Kitty and Mike took Gloria Gill's event leads class. Brian Shively and Roy Ichinaga also took it. They are certified to lead events. They had first aid training. Don Rocha talked about plants.
  • John George is back at work in the volunteer program after surgery.
  • Mike talked to Sr. Ranger Aniko Millan:
    • She said the trails have been flailed.
    • Kids have been meeting at Santa Teresa Spring on Friday nights after football games.
    • She wants the gate at Joice-Bernal open 4 days a week. John Dorrance can open the gate, and the rangers can close it.
    • Movie Night at the Pueblo Area was a success. She wants to do it again.
  • Mike needs to do more work on the Coyote Peak interpretive sign.
  • Ron had a photography display at the Santa Teresa Library. He moved it to Moonbeams Coffee shop across the street.
  • At the Santa Teresa Golf Club, Jim McGrath has moved up in the corporation. The golf course has a new manager.
  • The UNSCC conference is this weekend. There are classes that we need to take to satisfy the CAP Grant. Mike and Ron are going.
  • November 5 is the REI/BART Trail Day on the Stile Ranch/Fortini Trails. They are also working at Alum Rock Park.
  • 10/22 is the opening of new trails at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. There are 6 miles of new trails.
  • The County Parks are building trails at Harvey Bear, Sanborn, and Calero.
  • Membership: we need to solidify who our members are. We have 63 members, active and non-active.
  • Ed said there are night activities at the spring. The sheriffs have been responding. There has been graffiti by Bernal Road on the retaining wall, by the pond, and near the Joice Ranch.
  • They old barn will be restored. Will there be an event for the re-opening?
  • October 15 is the Rancho San Vicente hike.
  • October 8 is Pioneer Day at Almaden Quicksilver, dedicating the outdoor museum, from 11-2 pm, parking at the Hacienda.
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    Created 11/1/11  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park