Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 7/6/17


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Jorge & Debbie Porras, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Ron Horii, Ranger Justin Everts.
    • Justin Everts is one of the rangers at the Hellyer Unit, which includes Hellyer, Santa Teresa, and the Coyote Creek Trail between Yerba Buena and Metcalf. He is currently standing in for Sr. Ranger Frank Weiland, who is on vacation. Justin will be present at our National Night Out event at the Bernal Ranch. He will be helping to direct parking at Fandango. David Hamblin will be starting as a ranger at Hellyer the first week of August. He is new to the department, coming from Santa Rosa Jr. College's Ranger Program.
    • There are 7-9 ranger openings in the department. There are supposed to be 55 rangers. Each ranger unit has 5-6 rangers. There will be a new supervisory ranger position, whose duties will include recruitment.
    • The County Parks' Volunteer Program office moved to another part of the Muriel Wright center temporarily. They will be moving to Vasona later in the year. The County's Behavioral Health program will be moving into the center. 
    • The widening of Curie Drive has been pushed back. Mike and Ron met with the principal of Bernal School and Councilmember Jimenez, who support it, but the work has to be done by the County. They met with Robb Courtney, Mark Frederick, Don Rocha, and Anne Thomson (head of planning). The issues are budget and a state law that says that the county can't simply turn over the land along the street to the city.The city needs to swap land or pay replacement value for the land.
    • Ranger Bryan Lue is working with the Eagle Scouts to replace the tree signs on the Nature Trail. The posts are in. The signs are being fabricated.
    • We need to have our next newsletter ready for National Night Out. Ron will be editing it. Articles: Ron: Fandango, park events. Jorge: Boy Scout activities. Andrew: Eagle Scout project. Kitty: Ranger Justin Everts. Mike: Gael Garcia Bernal, Curie Drive, Berryessa, Bernal School involvement, NNO, Bear Tree Lot history. Eric McKinley: neighbors. Greg: bikes and trail, poison oak.
    • Treasurer's report (Greg): Our balance is $1486.15. There are 2 checks: $121 for event insurance for National Night Out. We spent $529 from our $1318 CAP Grant. Signed the non-profit form for the State's Attorney General. 
    • National Night Out:
      • National Night Out is on Tuesday August 1 from 5 to 7 pm. The purpose is to get neighbors to meet each other and public safety personnel. We will need volunteers from 4:30 to 8 pm. We will be serving wrapped ice cream bars and cookies. We will be passing out our newsletter. We can pass out flyers on Fandango. We can have fire engines, ranger trucks, sheriff and police cars, based on availability. Extra picnic tables will be needed for Fandango. They can be delivered early for NNO. We will not need to use the barns. They will not be open. They will be open for Fandango.Jorge has a machine that can etch glasses. He bought 72 glasses that he can etch with the FOSTP logo. We can give them out at NNO and ask for donations.
      • Jorge has 110 blank journals. They can be handed out at our booth for NNO and Fandango. We can put a 4X6 picture on it. B&W is better.
      • We can have carnival games (from the New Almaden Community Club carnivals) at our NNO booth.
      • For NNO, we'll buy wrapped ice cream bars at 4:00, put them on dry ice in a cooler, and serve them. We'll also buy a large box of cookies. We'll need glovers to serve them. We'll need a serving area.
      • We'll need pop-up shades for NNO. Mike will bring them.
      • We'll need to pass out flyers for NNO in the neighborhood. Ron will post a notice to Next Door and take flyers to the Santa Teresa Library (Fandango too).
      • Kitty can't come to NNO. She'll come to Fandango.
    • Fandango:
      • Fandango is on Saturday August 5 from 5 to 8 pm. John Dorrance and Bridgett Orcutt are organizing it.
      • Parking will be available in the field by Santa Teresa Spring. 
      • John wants to meet with volunteers to plan for Fandango. [7/13 at 3:00, 7/15 at 12:00].
      • Greg, Roxanne, and Kim will setup and man the FOSTP table.
      • Pop-up canopy setup and takedown: Greg, Roxanne, Mike, and Ron
      • Old-fashioned dress up: Joan Murphy, Dorene Boulland
      • Top game: Mike
    • Ron showed pictures: our tour of the Bernal Ranch with Councilmember Jimenez, dedication ceremony and hike at Rancho San Vicente, Jr. Rangers campout at Muriel Wright and activities in the Pueblo Area, fire training in the Pueblo Area, Carnivorous Plant Night at the Bernal Ranch, Santa Teresa Park billboard downtown, new signposts on the Nature Trail, overgrowth around Santa Teresa Spring, Family Fandango posters, new location for the Volunteer Office at Muriel Wright, poison oak along the wall at the Bernal Ranch, statue of Mary and fallen fence on Coyote Peak, location of the new homesite on the hill near the archery range, grafitti on the canal below the Joice Trail, views of new construction from the Joice Trail.
    • There will be no meeting on August 3. We'll be too busy with NNO and Fandango.
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       Created 7/6/17  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park