Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 7/1/10

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Mario Blaum, Ed Jackson, Martin Reinders, County Parks visitors Jan Shriner and Julie Lee
  • Treasurer's report: our bank balance is $422.57. Expenses are $295.39. Deposits are $1000 from the CAP Grant. Matching/in-kind donations: $767.11 in value. Balance: $1127.18. We voted to approve the budget.
  • CAP Cycle 23 ended yesterday. Cycle 24 begins today.
  • Our CAP Grant for Cycle 23 included money for event insurance, which we didn't need. Instead, Mike requested a funds transfer to cover newsletter expenses. He covered printer toner expenses. The CAP Grant also requires matching funds, which can include volunteer hours or in-kind donations. Other expenses for toner count as matching donations.
  • Several CAP Grant recipient groups were investigated. We were one of them. They were impressed by our by-laws and were deemed to be eligible. They were impressed by how much we have been able to do with so little money.
  • Ron showed pictures of the Carnivorous Plants Movie Night on 6/12 at the Bernal Ranch, the Rancho San Vicente hike on 6/18, and Festival in the Park on 6/26. He showed pictures of the Norred Trail, the Joice Trail, and the Ohlone Trail. The Ohlone Trail above the golf course is getting overgrown.
  • Jan Shriner talked about Family Fandango on August 21 from 5-8 pm at the Bernal Ranch. It will cover the period of 1770-1870. Paul Bernal will be there showing family photos. The Bernal Family will have a reunion in the park before the celebration starts. Frank Martinez has moved, so he won't be there. Ruben Reyes will be doing pottery again. Delfina and Francisco Garcia will have their display of ranch artifacts. Elena Robles and her dancers will be there. The Calicanto Singers will provide entertainment. FOSTP will help pay for them with the CAP Grant. The Muwekma Ohlone will doing the food. They have a trailer for providing food. It will be parked in the parking lot. FOSTP will have a booth. We will have an activities table and information table in the same area, like last year. Jan needs help for setup and cleanup. She needs greeters at the welcome table and in the ranch house. Heidi McFarland will get helpers to clean up the site the day before. STFNA won't be there this year. Come at 2:00 or later to help with setup. For publicity, Elena Robles has been telling people in her group at the Children's Discovery Museum. The Mercury News has been running ads for the County Parks, listing activities. It will next feature Fandango. Ads will be running in Spanish-language newspapers and Bay Area Parent. The budget for the event will be shared with Chitactac-Adams Family Day and the Holiday Bazaar Christmas Event at Almaden Quicksilver. Last year, 50 volunteers were fed. To save money, we recommended just providing drinks and snacks for the volunteers.
  • Jan talked about Ecometro Ecoguides. They are coupon books with maps and information. They are sold for fundraising at $20 each, with the selling organization keeping up to 50%.
  • Jan Showed a parks banner with a place for us to put a poster where we could acknowledge our grant.
  • We were asked to provide information about our membership for the County Parks. Sam will help out and find out what is required.
  • There was some spam on Yahoo Groups. Ron cleaned it up. People can have their e-mail addresses stolen and used to send spam. It can be stolen from someone else's address book.
  • Sam was wondering if settings for our Yahoo Groups site should be changed. Now, when someone posts a message to the groups site, if you reply to the message, thinking it's a private reply, it actually goes to the groupsite and everyone on the groupsite who has chosen to receive e-mail. This can be changed, but it makes it a little more inconvenient if you want to reply to the group. Sam will post a note to the group asking for opinions.
  • Mike has been trying to get in touch with someone from the Water District who can tell us more about the dirt heaped up on the Coyote-Alamitos Canal. So far, he hasn't been able to find someone.
  • We need more volunteers to help out with the cleanup at the ranch every 3rd Tuesday morning of the month.
  • The Santa Teresa Community Fest is in September. It's on the same as Coastal Cleanup Day. We'll participating in Community Fest, so we won't have an activity for Coastal Cleanup Day. However, there will be an event on Los Alamitos Creek at Almaden Quicksilver.
  • We talked about the inventory for historic buildings in the County Parks. Dana Peak in the County Planning Department has a list of all the historic buildings in the county. The County Parks list will be a subset of the list, including just the buildings that in the County Parks. The buildings will be prioritized. The Grant Ranch house will likely be #1.
  • The solar lights at Santa Teresa Spring still don't work. Trees around the spring have been cut and trimmed.
  • Ed says that people have been going up by the spring and smoking. He's afraid they'll start a grass fire because of all the tall grass near the spring. Drew Merry can address that.
  • We talked about the interpretive sign on Coyote Peak. We can go up and see the signs on Boccardo Peak. Kitty will ask Open Space if we can get access from Sierra Road.
  • Mike and Kitty are going on a trip to see Mt. Umunhum on July 31. They can't go on the grounds of the peak because of contamination, but they can go nearby and look down. They leave New Almaden around 9:30 and return around 2:00. They will ask about a future trip for FOSTP. They'll see if they can get 3 potential dates and we can choose among them.
  • Next Tuesday July 6, Sam is doing an interview with a reporter from the Gilroy Dispatch on geocaching. He will be taking her on a geocaching hike on the Mummy Mountain Trail in Coyote Lake, starting from the Mendoza staging area at 9:00. She is interested in talking to families with children about geocaching, so they are invited.
  • Kitty said the Adopt-a-Trail procedures are done. They have a list of trails and those who have adopted them. In August, they will verify the list and send out forms. We'll get ours at our September meeting.
  • Ron edited the new newsletter. It's on the website. It's 8 pages (so far). At Festival in the park, we passed out a 1-page flyer with a link to it.
  • Mario said the Vista Loop is in bad shape. There's a lot of vegetation and the footing is uneven.
  • One of the signs on the Albertson Parkway was grafitti'd and is missing, hopefully for cleaning up.
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    Created 7/1/10, updated 8/6/10 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park