Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 6/6/13


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Ed Jackson, Greg Koopman, Ellen Finch, Ron Horii
  • We have $674.95 in our account. Bills: UNSCC membership, Internet fees for our website, newsletter printing costs. Our CAP Grant helps pay for these.
  • The cross-country meet was last September in Santa Teresa.
  • Mike said that Hellyer District Sr. Ranger Aniko Millan will call Greg or Roxanne about service opportunities for the Bernal cross county team.
  • The Santa Teresa Grazing plan will be out soon. Don Rocha was in charge of it, but he is going to manage the Martial Cottle Ranch. It will cost $500K to plan, $500K to put in fences. They got federal grant money.
  • Stargazing is coming up on August 10 at the Pueblo Area. There will be overnight camping.
  • Americorps is coming in. They will stay in the Muriel Wright Center and will work on park projects.
  • The CCC will be working in the parks to remove invasive species.
  • Movie Night in September will be at the Pueblo Area in Santa Teresa.
  • Family Fandango will be on August 24. We'll have an information booth and will pass out newsletters. Paul Bernal needs help setting up tables. The parks department will provide the tables. We won't be doing an adobe brick-making activity.
  • The Coyote Peak interpretive sign is on hold. The budget for this year is gone. We need to submit a design soon.
  • At last night's Park Commission meeting, they talked about marketing to promote the parks. The Board of Supervisors said they need to hire a consultant.
  • The County Executive required each department in the County to create a report, called a STAR report. It describes what's there now and plans for improvement. The Parks dept. has 5-6 staff working on it. One part will cover volunteers, friends and other volunteer groups. The plan will take a month or two to create and
  •  will cover 1-3 years.
  • Holly Davis dropped by and talked about 4H. There will be goats in the East Barn. The rabbit project has moved in already. The garden project needs a leader. The poultry project is still going. Coyote Crest 4H will be getting a new club leader..
  • We want to publish a newsletter to be passed out at Festival in the Park at Hellyer and Fandango at Santa Teresa. Ron will be editing the newsletter and needs articles. Mike is writing a story about the Sunols. One of the Sunols lived at Rancho Santa Teresa.
  • The Santa Teresa Historic Site Plan has been approved. They need to work on a detailed plan. They have funding to start infrastructure work around the site.
  • Ed said the parking lot at the Bernal Ranch has been open all the time since they put in split rail fencing to prevent cars from driving into the ranch from the parking lot. He also said that there has been trash around Santa Teresa Spring. The "No Fishing" sign has been tagged. The grass in the field by the Spring has been cut. The sheriffs respond quickly to incidents in the park. They are stationed at the Muriel Wright Center. Deer, coyotes, and turkeys have been coming out of the park into the neighborhoods, but not wild pigs.
  • Adopt-a-Trail: the Norred Trail is in good shape. We need to work on the trail a couple times a year as part of the Adopt-a-Trail program.
  • Sam's geocaching class is at Almaden Quicksilver on June 15 starting at 9 am on the Wood Road Trail.
  • Basim Jabber will be giving a talk on Mt. Umunhum at the Casa Grande on June 23 from 1-3.
  • Sam is president of the Umunhum Conservancy. Mike and Kitty are directors.
  • Poison oak is over-hanging parts of the Mine Trail.
  • Ron showed pictures: ranger-led hike on the Stile Ranch Trail, Carnivorous Plant Night, soaproots on the Norred Trail, cleanup and Jr. Rangers at the Bernal Ranch, views of the Norred, Mine, Ohlone, and Bernal Hill Trails, the Muriel Wright Center, rabbits in the East Barn.
  • Festival in the Park is on June 22 at Hellyer. They will need help at cleanup, around 3:00.
  • The CAP Grant Cycle 26 final report is due the end of July. Mike will work on it. The Cycle 27 application is not out yet.
  • July's meeting is canceled because of the holiday.
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    Created 7/30/13  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park