Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 5/2/13


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Ed Jackson, Roxanne & Greg Koopman, Ron Horii
  • Coyote Crest 4H is having a work day at the BGJ Ranch 5/18 from 10-12. Jason Bombardier is leading and could use help.
  • Roxanne talked about the last cross-country race at Santa Teresa in September of last year. They were required to have port-a-potties, but they did not need them, as they were only there 2 hours. It cost $250 to rent the port-a-potties. They got to park for free. 3 schools in the district were in the race, 40 per school, 7th-8th grade boys and girls. They had staggered runs with 6 start times, runners leaving every 10 minutes. School starts Aug. 19. 9/19 is the district meet.
  • On the Coyote Peak sign: Robin Schaut sent a note to Mike. Robin is OK with the sign. Aniko will help. We need a new mock-up. The actual design will be professionally done. They will be installing new benches on Coyote Peak. The sign installation will need a CEQA document if holes have to be dug. A volunteer application is needed. Mike has it done. Robin already submitted a budget for next year. This year's budget is spent. The new budget starts in July. They might be able to do the sign if there is money leftover. Signs at Almaden Quicksilver are funded through an account set aside for exhibit development at the Quicksilver Museum. Estimated budget: sign holder $800, sign fabrication $200, graphic design $500-$800..
  • Oak Grove School District is having their Slug Run 5K race at Sakamoto School. It is open to all Oak Grove schools. It is 3.1 miles and goes from Curie to Cahalan to Snell and to Cree. If there were >1000 runners, they could close the streets, but it would cost a lot more. They inquired about getting the race on the Coyote-Alamitos Canal, but they could not get the Water District to open the gates to the canal. Maybe someday they could move it to Santa Teresa.
  • Sam said there was a geocaching group that came to Santa Teresa Park to do CITO (cache in, trash out) cleanup of the park. About 30 people came to the Pueblo Area. They picked up trash while hiking around the park looking for geocaches. Another group of 20 went to Grant Ranch and went on a longer hike.
  • We need to publish our newsletter to hand out at Festival in the Park on June 22. Ron will be editing. He needs articles as soon as possible.
  • May 4 is Ron's photography class at Coyote Lake.
  • May 11 is the SCCOSA's event at their Coyote Valley preserve on Palm Avenue. It's on all-day event.
  • Ron showed pictures of the grading of the Joice Trail, wildflowers on Bernal Hill, the Bernal Ranch and the Norred Trail before and after volunteers and Park Maintenance cleared the weeds; weed clearing at the Norred Ranch and Pyzak Ranch, flowers and views from the Joice and Bernal Hill Trails; Healthy Trails hike up the Boundary Trail; wildflower drawing class at the Stile Ranch trailhead,  evidence of a car break-in by the Bernal Ranch; lights on the East Barn, which means the barn has electricity and is ready for 4H; 4H rabbits in the East Barn; the gardens at the Bernal Ranch; and the restored Santa Teresa sign on the Albertson Parkway.
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