Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 4/7/11

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Mario Blaum, Ed Jackson, Maureen Kluska, Lynne Paulson.
  • We met at St. Julie's Church's Sullivan Center again. We'd like to thank St. Julie's Church and Fr. Jon for allowing us to have our meeting there. Our usual meeting place at the Santa Teresa Golf Course Banquet Facility was under construction, but it was just completed and should be ready for us to meet there next month.
  • We approved the minutes from last month's meeting.
  • Ron showed pictures of  the Rancho San Vicente hike on 4/3, the upper waterfall in Laurel Canyon, high water in the drain at the Bernal Ranch, the fence around the Bonetti Ranch, the creek flowing behind the house at Norred Ranch, turkeys on the driving range at the golf course, the fallen tree and subsequent cleanup at the Laurel Springs Rest Area, views from the Norred Trail, Santa Teresa Spring and the ramp leading up to it (the spring font is partially covered with mud, views from the Coyote Peak and Boundary Trails, the Joice Trail and wildflowers on Bernal Hill,
  • We talked about the plan to bring cattle back to Santa Teresa Park. They got $250K for fences and water.
  • Bank balance: $396.62.
  • The fence at the Bonetti Ranch on Curie Drive was moved back. The fence on San Ignacio was re-built with an opening for gate.
  • Ed said that there has been some nighttime activity at Santa Teresa Spring, but nothing major. Patrols have been running regularly. They chased someone hanging out with an underage juvenile.
  • Mike will meet with the Santa Clara Pioneers Society. They will be putting records in archives and digitizing them, putting them into a server at History San Jose. They offered to help us put our records, videos, and pictures into the archives. Mike will be taking items from his archives to them.
  • We will be doing 2 presentations at the Santa Teresa Library. We're doing a wildflower presentation and crafts on 4/30. Basim will be doing a slideshow on Mt. Umunhum on June 16.
  • Coyote Peak interpretive sign: Mike will meet with Robin Schaut to discuss what she wants to see on it.
  • The Volunteers Recognition Dinner is on 4/26 at the Milipitas Community Center. Sam will be the emcee.
  • We need to do a new newsletter, targeting Festival in the Park on June 26.
  • We talked about have a FOSTP booth at Festival in the Park. We will be too busy volunteering for other activities there and will be split up. Also, it's not the best venue for us, as the attendants are not necessarily from the Santa Teresa neighborhood.
  • The east barn at the Bernal Ranch is being re-evaluated. The staff met to discuss it. A report came back. 90% of the support beams are not sound and not salvageable. The foundation needs to be redone. The barn will be dismantled, rebuilt, and moved away from the oak tree. It will be done on-time and at the same cost. It is going out to bid. They will accept bids at the June supervisors meeting, and construction will start right after the bid is approved.
  • Our pre-mother's day hike is on May 7. It will be the same as last year.
  • Mike met with a woman who was a docent at Gilroy Hot Springs. They can give us a tour of the hot springs. We need to set a date.
  • Lynne went to the Board of Supervisors meeting to talk about the park acquisition plan. Some supervisors wanted more money for urban parks in their districts. The plan was approved. They will have more discussion on the details. Large areas of natural habitats are still the focus of the plan.
  • We were not approved for the CAP Grant. We can appeal it. STFNA got much less than they applied for.
  • Part of the CAP Grant money is to pay for the website. We should look for cheaper web hosting if we don't get the grant.
  • Woody will have a teasel removal project at Santa Teresa Park.
  • <>
  • There was a survey on the County Parks done on Survey Monkey as part of the equestrian facility planning. The top 3 parks were Almaden Quicksilver, Calero, and Santa Teresa.
  • Mike and Maureen will get together to discuss the membership and will talk about the archives.
  • Marian Joice said her husband gave a lot of memorabilia to the county. He had a flyer of an invitation to a hanging of the bandit Tiburcio Vasquez.
  • We talked about putting Ron's pictures of Santa Teresa Park up at Moonbeams. Ron will look into the costs.
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    Created 5/2/11  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park