Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 4/1/10

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Woody Collins, Mario Blaum.
  • We read and accepted the minutes.
  • No changes in the bank balance.
  • Ron showed pictures of the Norred Trail work day, views from Coyote Peak, the Rocky Ridge Trail, the Joice Trail, Bernal Hill wildflowers, Stile Ranch-Mine-Fortini Trail wildflowers, and work on the Coyote-Alamitos Canal.
  • Senior Ranger Julie Lee said that they caught some pot smokers by Santa Teresa Spring.
  • Julie Lee will be the new supervisor of the park interpreters.
  • Mike and Roland did work around the Caretaker's House for their monthly volunteer work day. Drew Merry said he liked their work. However, they need to treat the work day like a trail crew day. They need to have a plan for the work. They need to sign in. Mike needs to take a trail crew leader class.
  • On the work day, they cleared out coyote brush. They did everything the park staff asked them to do. They cleared around the tool storage vault. They took out a barbed wire fence. The fence was the boundary between SCVWD and SCCP property.
  • Roland did neighborhood cleanup. He used a vacuum cleaner to clean up the street along San Ignacio near the Pyzak Ranch. The vacuum cleaner looked like a lawnmower, so the rangers questioned him about it. They were afraid of sparks.
  • We got our CAP Grant for $1000. $500 is for entertainment for Fandango.
  • The UNSCC conference is on 4/17/10.
  • Mike is giving a tour on 4/11 of the Bernal Ranch to geocachers.
  • Mike is taking a class on non-profits with the Score group.
  • Mike's pre-Mother's Day hike is on May 2 at the Stile Ranch Trail. We should make this an annual event. We should invite the community to come. Mike and Kitty will plan it. We can have a community event before the hike. The hike will be at 1:00.
  • 4/10 will be the wildflower hike at Almaden Quicksilver on the Wood Road Trail. They will give out a folder with a list of 14 flowers to look for and 2 pages of flower pictures.
  • 4/13 will be the Tuesday work party at the Bernal Ranch.
  • 4/17 is Ron's photo class/wildflower walk at Rancho San Vicente.
  • 5/8 is the Healthy Trails kickoff at the Harvey Bear Ranch.
  • 5/15 is the Los Alamitos River Cleanup.
  • 6/6 is Festival in the Park
  • The solar light batteries at Santa Teresa Spring need replacing.
  • We need to put out a new newsletter. The next time would be for Festival in the Park. Ron will edit it and will give out ideas. Some ideas: Mike--Coyote Peak, Woody--trails, Jan Shriner--Fandango, Mother's Day event. May 15 is the deadline for articles.
  • Mike found a Little Blue Society reference on pig control.
  • The SJPD found bones on Bailey Avenue.
  • Kitty said there are rules for Adopt-a-Trail. The Parks dept. is reviewing them. Responsibilities are to patrol the trail, pickup trash, and report problems. If we want to do more, we need to submit a plan.
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    Created 5/2/10 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park