Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 3/9/17


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Woody Collins, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Ron Horii, Kim Gardner, Debbie Porras, Senior Ranger Frank Weiland, Boy Scout Andrew Yanogacio and his mother Janet
  • Frank Weiland is the senior engineer for Hellyer, Santa Teresa, and the north Coyote Creek Trail. He has been a ranger for 18 years. He talked about Santa Teresa Park. Eagle Scouts have contacted him for work in parks. The rangers are under-staffed. Hellyer takes a lot of resources. Hellyer and the Coyote Creek Trail are closed due to flood damage. They need to assess the damage and repair it. They had trees falling, blocking roads, creeks, and trails. They hope to re-open by Easter. Santa Teresa Park held up well. There is a small slide on Bernal Road. For projects, there are difficulties when they involve moving soil. There could be problems with cultural resources, conflicts with the master plan, and soil disturbances. 
  • Andrew Yanogacio is a Boy Scout. He wants to do an Eagle Scout project in Santa Teresa Park. His initial proposal to build a trail from Santa Teresa Spring to Manila Way was turned down by the Parks Dept. He has a new proposal to work on the Laurel Canyon Nature Trail. His plan is to repair the tree/bush ID posts, create weblinks for more information about them, remove graffiti, remove the fallen tree, level the trail to improve drainage. Andrew needs to complete the project before he turns 18 on 4/20. Jorge Porras is his scoutmaster. Possible dates to do the work: 3/25, 3/26, and 4/1. Andrew needs to get approval from the scouts and Frank. Frank needs to see the full proposal. The repairs to the ID signs must be identical to the original signs, otherwise, they have to follow new standards and need further approval. There could be a link somewhere to a webpage with information about the subjects of the signs. We can host it on our website. We're sponsoring the project as an FOSTP project. Andrew is doing it. The Boy Scouts have event insurance to do it. We don't have event insurance for the project, but can get it. The scouts can pay for it.
  • National Night Out is on Tuesday August 1. John Dorrance said it's OK to have it at the Bernal Ranch, but he won't be there. We need an organizer. Eric McKinley is interested in doing it. Greg, Kim, and Debbie Porras can help. The Boy Scouts can get involved. Food trucks can provide food. 
  • Treasurer's report from Greg Koopman: We had a balance of $757.50 in February. We paid $58 for our PO box. We reimbursed $342 for printing and publication costs. The $1150 CAP Grant was deposited. Our current balance is $1686.15.
  • Though the Parks Dept. did not approve the trail for the Eagle Scout project, we can still do it.
  • City Councilmember Sergio Jimenez and his assistant Helen Chapman are planning to attend our next meeting. The topic will be the widening of Curie Drive in association with the Historic Site Plan development. We need community support. We can talk about Manila Drive concerns. Mike will check with Sergio about what he expects to talk about in the meeting. Ron can announce it on Next Door. Greg & Roxanne can make up flyers to pass out at Bernal School.
  • Mike gave a walking tour at Santa Teresa Spring.
  • We talked about parking spaces at the Bernal Ranch. The residents of the Caretaker's House take a couple of spaces. John Dorrance takes one when he's there. The Park truck takes another.
  • Ron showed pictures: waterfalls in Laurel Canyon, effects of the drain overflowing at the Bernal Ranch, Boy Scout cleanup projects at the Bernal Ranch, overlow at Santa Teresa Spring, signs on the Nature Trail, new benches by the Hidden Springs Trailhead, conditions on the Ohlone Trail, Norred Trail, Mine Trail, Ridge Trail, Joice Trail, and Hidden Springs Trail.
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   Created 3/10/17  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park